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Wednesday, 12 September 2007 02:13

ARCHINNOVATONS.COM is being developed by Architects and Engineers and will address the Needs and Concerns of Designers, Engineers and Architects regarding different subjects, interesting and innovative Architecture. initiate dialogue between professionals with fdifferent points of view, topics about the Practice, as well as Information Technology.
Nobody can argue the fact that Computers have changed the way everyone live, work, and communicate. As far as the Construction community is concerned not only the revolution has occurred in the way we work with Virtual Buildings being built and optimized on the computer before we start working on Site but in the projects we are building where the Digital Lifestyle, [[Building Management Systems]] and other factors are inducing different spatial requirements in projects such as Hospitals, Schools, Public Libraries, Corporate Offices, etc.


Within ARCHINNOVATIONS.COM we are attempting the following.
- Invite Architects and Engineers to demonstrate some of their projects.
- Produce Forums and Blogs about the impact numerous subjects, Architecture styles, language, profession, the effect of New Technologies on our Practice, How 3D, [[Building Information Modeling]], and [[Sustainable Design]] are being tackled. Produce Forums and Blogs about the impact of New Technologies on our Projects.
- Showcase interesting [[Information Technology]] and Products both Software and Hardware that relate to the Construction Industry and that will help Consultants and Constructors with their productivity.


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