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Monday, 31 March 2008 19:00

April 23rd, 2008

Wilson & Hill Architects | Scarborough Heads House
Mohammad Fahmi Tri Wahyudi,ST in Best House Design
Another Wilson & Hill Architects works on residential project called The Scarborough Heads House, the black beauty House that located on the site which offers uninterrupted views of the sea and the coastal headlands of Banks Peninsula. The layout of the house is largely determined by the available vehicle access and maximising the coastal views and sun...

the urban homestead
Justin in materialicious
Urban Farming: Jules Dervaes and three of his adult children live on one-fifth of an acre in Pasadena, Calif., a block away from a multilane highway. On this tiny sliver of land, they manage to be mostly self-sufficient. “This is our form of protest,” says Dervaes, who is 60, “and this is our form of survival.” From the article in the New York Times, by Charles Wilson (which failed to include their web site!). Also, see a terrific 5 minute video: LIFE (MOSTLY OFF THE GRID) by David Clair NY TIMES

MILAN 2008: Photoreactive Sun Canopy by Christoph Klemmt
Adele Chong in Inhabitat
Visitors to this year’s Salone del Mobile were in for a treat when they strolled through Zona Tortona into a quaint, Italian courtyard on Milan’s Via Borgospesso to encounter Christoph Klemmt’s stunning vortex-shaped OR installation. Composed out of polygonal, photoreactive segments which respond to ultra-violet light, OR’s captivating powers lie in its capacity to correspond its appearance to changes in weather and daylight. Its ’skin’ emits flourishing hues of blue and green when exposed to sunlight and maintains a subtle translucency when the installation is overcome by shade. Best of all, OR’s effects are not limited to daytime - at night, it generates ample atmosphere by becoming a ‘chandelier’ which lavishly floods its surrounding areas with a dramatic dispersement of light.

Green Ribbons
Snell in Lost At E Minor: Music, illustration, art, photography and more
An example of another green approach to city living, the Green Ribbons project connects a number of high rise condominiums in the Heping neighbourhood of Tianjin.

Bloomberg's Russell Finally Gets Around to Hating John Silber
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
We're not exactly sure why Bloomberg's architecture critic, James S. Russell, is just now reviewing John Silber's book Architecture of the Absurd, seeing as it's been out for months and months now (maybe the publisher new he'd give it a lousy review? or his stack of mail is absurdly large?). Whatever the case, although it's kind of old news, Silber's book we mean, Russell spins it in a kind of unique way, turning the criticism onto writer himself, showing all the buildings that Silber thinks are the cream of the crop, like Boston University's School of Management or the Sydney Opera House, and saying, in effect, "You really think these buildings are so great?! Ha! I laugh because these are certainly not great buildings! And here's why..." then proceeding to give the details of their various failings.

Beijing Lights.
Christoph in anArchitecture
In several projects Herzog and de Meuron increasingly pay attention to light design and its orchestration. Needless to mention because everyone might know the impressive colour changing of the Allianz Arena in Munich or the illuminated façade of the St. Jakob Station in Basel. Likewise HdM has also done custom designed lightnings: Commercial successful products like the “pipe sospensione”, produced by Artemide or the “Jingzi” hanging lamp by Belux. A Beijing-based friend has recently uploaded interior photographs from the Beijing National Station's (Bird’s Nest) opening. Again some innovative lightining: futuristic chandelier in the stadion's middle zone and downscaled mini versions of the bird's nest as outddoor lights.

April 22nd, 2008

Warhol, Basquiat,...Neutra?: Kauffman House Sale Positions Architecture as Art
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Earlier this month, we told you that Christie's will auction off the legendary Richard Neutra-designed Kauffman House on May 13, as part of its major evening sale of postwar and contemporary art. For those planning on bidding, the house is Lot 42--sandwiched between a 1987 Richard Prince joke painting and a Damien Hirst butterfly canvas (and my, but those dead butterflies would look smashing in Palm Springs). In last weekend's Financial Times, the front page of the House & Home section was given over to Edwin Heathcote's piece on the Kauffman House as art and the burgeoning market for modernist architecture.

Zooming to A New Art Center
Brian Libby in Portland Architecture
A couple years ago, while attending a Third Angle classical music performance, I met a woman named Carole Zoom and her husband Brett, both recent Eugene transplants. We've stayed in touch since then, which is easy because they're culture vultures who enjoy making it to plays, film screenings and concerts. Brett is also an accomplished journalist who has written frequently about architecture for publications like the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, for whom he did a nice Thom Mayne profile last year.

underlite flooring, concrete blond
Justin in materialicious
The underlite flooring system from Concrete Blond is made from polished or textured concrete with varying sized glass lenses cast into the surface of the concrete. The lenses are lit by fiber optics that are laid into the adhesive as the tiles are placed onto the existing floor. This allows the whole floor to be lit by one bulb, which can be easily replaced. The color of the lights can be changed at the touch of a button.

Book Review: Green Roof
John in A Daily Dose of Architecture
Green Roof - A Case Study: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates' Design For the Headquarters of the American Society of Landscape Architects (2007) by Christian Werthmann. The roof of the book's title sits atop the American Society of Landscape Architects' (ASLA) headquarters in Washington D.C. It is a relatively small roof of 3,300 sf (305 sm), but one that merits case study treatment from its design, construction, and the intentions behind these two. Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in collaboration with Conservation Design Forum, the roof is unlike other well-known American examples like the Ford Rouge Plant or Chicago's City Hall, in that it is accessible. It is a social space as much as an ecological one. It is a roof garden as well as a green roof.

Jetson Green: Skinners Playground
Philip, writer over at Jetson Green, writes: The Skinners Playground project by Phooey Architects of Melbourne, Australia is a project that makes compelling use of shipping containers. Many container architecture projects do little that breaks out of the strong rectilinear form of the component boxes. While only four shipping containers were used for Skinners Playground, they are cut and amended in such as way as to make much more of them than simply four box-shaped rooms. Even if the exteriors had been painted over, it would be immediately obvious that this was built from shipping containers. But, at the same time, this is a case of the whole being far more than merely a sum of its parts.

April 21st, 2008

Wilson and Hill Architects | Carlton Mill Road "House 1"
Mohammad Fahmi Tri Wahyudi,ST in Best House Design
Another Residential Project by Wilson and Hill Architects in Carlton Mill Road "House 1" which also has won the New Zealand architecture Awards just like the other project ( Clyde Road House ). The layout of the house was largely determined by the arrangement of the garaging, the views south to the river and maximising the sun on the site.

thermique heated window glass
Justin in materialicious
Thermique™ heated glass technology transforms ordinary glass into a heating device for eliminating cold areas near windows. A transparent coating on the glass generates heat when subjected to an electrical current. The current is supplied by two buss bars located on opposite sides of the glass. All electrical components are hidden within the window frame. A patented controller mounts on the wall like a light switch, and allows adjustment of the window temperature. The coated glass radiates heat uniformly, with precise temperature control, and remains completely transparent, without any distortion or discoloration. Heated windows offer the added benefit of a clear view by eliminating condensation, fogging, and frost.

First Look: Jeff Koons Sculptures Debut atop Metropolitan Museum
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
The rooftop of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is now home (at least through October 26) to three large sculptures by artist Jeff Koons. We got a sneak peek this morning and can confirm that Koons' yellow chrome balloon doggie prefers the view over Manhattan to canal-level Venice, where his magenta sibling spent the summer of 2006 perched on a platform in the Grand Canal guarding the Palazzo Grassi. More Koons news to come (including what the man himself had to say when not being monopolized by an astounding number of German film crews), but for now, click "continued..." for our photos of each of the works -- at least until you can get to the roof yourself when the museum opens tomorrow.

Le Corbusier. Still Modern.
Christoph in anArchitecture
Maison La Roche today and the Weissenhofsiedlung in 1927. Both in 1927 at the Weissenhofsiedlung and in 2008 at the Maison La Roche cars make a big contrast to Corbusier’s architecture. Corbusier’s buildings simply succeed to appear timeless - whatever car parks in front.
content by anArchitecture

LAN 2008: Flocks Hand Knitted Woolen Poufs
Antonia Halse in Inhabitat
Is it a giant stuffed animal? A piece of furniture? Both? These cuddly hand knit woolen poufs were one of the first things to catch our eye on opening day of Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Promoting transparency in natural materials and production as their ethos, Dutch knitwear brand ‘FLOCKS’ is the brainchild of Rotterdam based designer Christien Meindertsma. We went nuts for these cozy ‘Urchin’ plush chairs which were on display at the Tuttobenne exhibit in Milan this year. We love the look, the playful attitude and the way that an Urchin owner can trace the path of their soft seat’s origins.

Two Lectures and a Fountain
Brian Libby in Portland Architecture
This week the University of Oregon and Portland State University each will host a prominent architect for a lecture. On Wednesday, April 23 at 6PM, PSU will welcome Canadian architect Gregory Henriquez to Lincoln Hall (1620 SW Park, room 75). Henriquez's firm, Henriquez Partners, has been around for 34 years in Vancouver and has been responsible for a host of different project types. But the architect is best known for several pioneering mixed use and social housing projects. In his book, "Towards An Ethical Architecture", Henriquez explores the role of ethics, activism and critical commentary and argues that architecture must be a poetic expression of social justice."

URA Singapore
Young in Architecture
" 'Singapore 1:1 Island' is a follow-up exhibition to “Singapore 1:1 City” launched by President S R Nathan in 2005. It is curated along 3 themes: the Provision / Production (1965 – 1975); Communication / Connection (1976 – 1985) and Innovation / Distinction (1986 – 2007). The architectural productions weave a story on the distinct character in the history of Singapore architecture. The variety of works exhibited, ranging from residential and commercial buildings to public institutions, demonstrates the diversity and creative energy of architectural talents in Singapore.

Thinking about Earth Day
Asa Bergman in Spacing Montreal
Montreal seen from the top of the Olympic Stadium. A few weeks ago, on March 29, Earth Hour challenged people to shut off their lights in thousands of cities all over the world, including Montreal. On April 22 it is time to celebrate a larger event: Earth Day. It all began back in 1969 when the U.S Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed a nationwide protest day to make politicians aware about the critical state of the environment. Earth Day was born and it grew rapidly. Fast forward to 1990. An article in Time Magazine asks if Earth Day really matters and refers to it as a “marketing monster”.

At Home with Hadid
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Every day it's Zaha this and Zaha that, largely because we believe Zaha Hadid to be some sort of super productive robot from the future who doesn't need any of our silly human sleep. But maybe we've either been wrong about our hypothesis all along or she just invested in a new robot publicist, as this piece in the Times yesterday, "Inside Zaha Hadid's East London Apartment" takes a look at the starchitect at home and how arguably one of the biggest names in architecture and design at the moment likes to decorate. Strangely, while it's a great piece with lots of interesting detail, not a single photo is included (at least online), which is sort of a let down. But maybe that adds a little bit to our conspiracy, because when they say "her East London apartment" maybe they're talking about the East London in space, where robots come from.

FRASERS BROADWAY: Australia’s Most Sustainable Development
Jorge Chapa in Inhabitat
Big things are happening in Sydney. First Earth Hour, which began in Sydney, went global last month. Then, the city unveiled its brand new 2030 vision, which outlines the steps that the city will take to reduce its emissions by 60%. And now, a new project planned for the outskirts of the city will become the most sustainable development in Australia. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the new 5.8 hectare (14+ acre) development - a mix of commercial, retail, and residential space - will have contributions from none other than Pritzker Prize winners Foster + Partners and Ateliers Jean Nouvel!

Horizons of Sze Tsung Leong
I just learned about the work of Sze Tsung Leong over at the New York Times - a 38 year old New Yorker, he studied architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and then Harvard. His photographs - of landscapes and cities all over the world - are composed with a unique play on the horizon that seemingly connects all of the pieces in his ‘Horizons’ series [view them side by side here]. Shooting with an overcast sky brings the viewer’s focus to the landscape and architecture/cityscape itself - which, along with ensuring that the horizons of each image line up, creating a visual connection between these locations from all over the world.

Does This Make My Butt Look Fat?
Lynn Becker in ArchitectureChicago PLUS
All of us have body parts that, while fully functional and probably essential, don't always show us in our best light. Seen from the south, the bustle building pictured here forms a perfectly proportioned element of the composition of 1955's Prudential Building. Seen from the southeast, however, the complex appears to be packing a big trunk. (Originally there was supposed to be a twin bustle along the west side of the building.) Probably back in 1955, when the Prudential marked the easterly point where building ended, no one envisioned how new construction would push further and further east, putting the Prudential in the shadow of newer, larger, taller towers, and the bustle on more conspicuous display.


April 19th and 20th, 2008

Control Shift
Geoff Manaugh in BLDGBLOG
I've been going through old magazines to find articles that I hope to read, re-read, or even incorporate into the final edits of the BLDGBLOG Book – and so tonight I came across the January 2007 issue of Metropolis.
There, we read about the ten greatest engineering feats of architectural history – including this short blurb about Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul:
The building was constructed of masonry, which shifted constantly during construction and thereafter. Today we use "switch-on gravity analysis," where we imagine a structure built on the Moon and then digitally move it over to the Earth in a fraction of a second, and suddenly it's loaded. But a structure like this changed its characteristics during construction, almost minute by minute. I can't image [sic] how people could have had the courage to construct it.

Pinconsult Associates Ltd
Ugo Okafor in African Architecture and Design
According to their websitePINCONSULT ASSOCIATES "..was established in 1985 to provide highly competent professional consultancy services in the fields of civil engineering, structural engineering, and building management. This practice became a limited liability company PINCONSULT ASSOCIATES LIMITED in 1993 for a wider coverage of engineering activities and a better corporate image. The collective experiences of the partners embrace a wide variety of engineering problems and, therefore, are able to make an important contribution to the success of every project for which the Practice is commissioned. PINCONSULT ASSOCIATES LIMITED is based in Lagos, Nigeria, to serve clients throughout Nigeria, but is able to establish sub-practice bases throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Wow! Industrial Container Home in New Zealand
Preston D K in [jetson.green]
Sure, this New Zealand home is heavy on the industrial, nuclear reactor look, but it has a certain draw to it, don't you think?  I was pointed to these images in a flickr photoset owned by petraalsbach and was struck by the interesting use of containers -- as you can tell, the home was built right up to, and possibly into, the hill.  Containers are strong and stackable,and it seems like lots of people are using them right now in home design.  Container homes may just become more popular than modern prefab ...

Jean Nouvel, Winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2008
admin in mirage.studio.7
On Jun. 2, Nouvel will receive the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s highest honor, in a ceremony at the Library of Congress in Washington. The Paris-based architect has won the profession’s highest honor - Pritzker Prize 2008, for a career of memorable buildings. This is undoubtedly Jean Nouvel’s moment, aside from winning the Pritzker, his offices in Paris, New York, London, Copenhagen, Rome, Madrid, and Barcelona are busy with more than 40 active projects in 13 countries (My design lecturer claimed that he has 30 projects in hand, and I would assume that he has about 15 - 25 staffs, probably more, Jean Nouvel has something to learn from him).

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