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Monday, 31 March 2008 19:00

April 18th, 2008

Talent Runs in the Family
Michelle Linden in Atelier A+D
Maybe you all already knew this... but I just found out. Dov Charney, the founder of American Apparel is the nephew of Moshe Safdie! Moshe's daughter Taal is also talented architect with her own firm.

A New LEED Office
Michelle Linden in Atelier A+D
Its great to see architectural firms actually following their own advice... GGLO has recently finished a new expansion to their Seattle office, and kept it green in the process! Their new expansion has achieved Silver LEED status, and looks like a healthy (in the non-toxic sense!) and fun place to work!

0751 Suburban House - second scheme
lavardera in LamiDesign Modern House Plan Blog
Today, the second scheme first shown on the original post introducing the Suburban House project. In this scheme the house takes on a "T" shaped massing, with the garage front and forward creating an entry courtyard between itself and the house.

222 Residence by Elliott + Associates Architects
Mohammad Fahmi Tri Wahyudi,ST in Best House Design
During the past thirty two years, Elliott + Associates Architects has received a total of 202 Architectural, Interior, Lighting and Graphic Design Awards. Here is just one of their project in residential called "222 Residence". Enjoy yourself.
The design philosophy of Elliott + Associates is shaped from the theory that a space reflects the...

Remembering Robert Gaede
Steven Litt/Plain Dealer Architecture Critic in Architecture and the Urban Landscape with The Plain Dealer's Steven Litt
Cleveland architect Bob Gaede evokes three words for those who knew him well: "preservationist," "gentleman" and "courtly." In a career spanning six decades, Gaede built a small but influential architectural practice that had a big impact on Northeast Ohio. Courtesy...

mod house range, prebuilt
admin in materialicious
The Prebuilt Mod House Range is for those who like their homes clean and crisp with a modernist edge. These finely detailed, timber clad pavilions are based on a modular system offering the ultimate in flexibility. Designed in partnership with Pleysier Perkins, the Mod house range is based on a modular system and extends from a one bedroom Single Mod through to a five bed Quad Mod and can encompass almost any combination in between. The flexibility of the Mod range extends from country and beach living through to urban allotments and small commercial buildings. For more images see their Precom Sandhurst project.

Urban-bicycle schemes in Vienna and Paris.
Christoph in anArchitecture
The threat of climate change makes alternatives to motorized transportation in metropolitan areas increasingly important. Overloaded subways can hardly handle more commuter and thus different means of transportation are needed. Recently both cites – Paris and Vienna – have introduced a self-service bike rental system: “bike-hire” stations distributed over the city allow you to pick up your bike from one service point and drop off to another. People simply register with their bank card and cycle one hour – in Vienna – or half an hour – in Paris - for free. The registration will guarantee that cyclists return the bike and keep the system running. Who could imagine that the good old bike is currently experiencing a comeback?

Richard Meier and Friends Win Academy Awards
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Elsewhere in the world of starchitecture, while Renzo was busy talking about sad and disturbing things, Richard Meier must've been living it up, as he was just awarded the Gold Medal for Architecture by the American Academy of Art and Letters (which is just about the coolest award you can get, if just so someone like Meier can legitimately be able to say, "Well, as a man of arts and letters..."). Along with Meier were a whole slew of other winners, from Yo-Yo Ma and Salman Rushdie taking home Honorary Memberships to a slew of other miscellaneous people winning things like awards for light verse, musical theater, various types of art and Neil Denari, Jim Jennings, James Carpenter and Kenneth Frampton, each of whom took home a cool $7500 and four Academy Awards in Architecture (which we're guessing the whole group quickly spent on cocaine and strippers with Calvin Trillin and William T. Vollmann, who also won their share of cash and prizes).

Jason Sahler in Inhabitat
As spring pushes forward and lazy, summer nights begin to envelop us, many people will daydream of the great outdoors and when they will be able to camp in tents and hike again. For those who prefer a little more accommodations and accoutrements, the Clara Cabin from hiveMODULAR is a perfect solution. You get all the comforts of cabin life - a bed, reprieve from the bugs, and weather - while still being able to connect to the surrounding nature. Designed and built by hiveMODULAR partner Bryan Meyer and his wife, Anne Ryan, this little woodland getaway is a great example of how versatility makes small spaces livable.

Torpedo Hall
We have been corresponding with an architect member of the the design team for this project at Danish practice Tegnestuen Vandkunsten. The scheme involved stripping back the existing building, a hangar for the maintenance of torpedo boats, and inserting apartments and car parking. Jens Kristian...

Jean Nouvel, Community Boards and their proper interaction
David Sucher in City Comforts, the blog
Sandy Ikeda raises an interesting question here in relation to a dispute over a proposed building. (I know the neighborhood but not the proposal.) He says: Now, we’re not talking about construction inconveniences or environmental problems or the like, which are indeed the legitimate concerns of a community board, but rather how the structure fits in with the existing built environment – a purely aesthetic judgment. The Empire State Building certainly didn’t “fit” its neighborhood in the on Fifth Avenue...

April 17th, 2008

Terreform at BOOST (Building Open Opportunity Structures)
Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D. in Mitchell Joachim: Archinode Studio
BOOST to host Mitchell Joachim of Terreform, on sustainable architecture. June 7th 2008 117 South Warren Street, Trenton, NJ. Green, Smart, and Sustainable Stakeholder Education and Training 2008-09 (GSS-SET) are the natural outgrowth of our past efforts for community benefits by way of engaging redevelopment and economic growth-producing activities. GSS-SET will contribute to fighting global warming and pollution by stimulating the green building and clean energy economy and positioning local community leaders to help their constituencies capture a good portion of green collar jobs, develop or expand green businesses, and conduct advocacy and policy work to the benefit of populations with barriers to employment.

Heritage Toronto walking tours begin Saturday
Shawn Micallef in Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape
Spacing Magazine is pleased to announce the commencement of this season’s Heritage Toronto walking tours. The first tour begins this Saturday, April 19, in Rosedale, and kicks off the 14th year of these free tours. Have you ever wondered about the story behind that building on the corner, the creek that used to run through that ravine, or your neighbourhood’s most infamous resident? Heritage Toronto Walks take you to the streets to hear the stories our City can tell. The tours are researched, designed and led by local historians, community groups and professionals, who volunteer their time and energy. Covering all areas of the City, our walk leaders bring Toronto’s past to life.

Popular Tower
Snell in Lost At E Minor: Music, illustration, art, photography and more
The strategy based architectural firm Popular Architecture has created a scheme that takes on the spread of cities.

Zero Carbon ‘Floating World’ for Northern England
Cate Trotter in Inhabitat
A set of zero-carbon floating buildings has been chosen by RIBA as the winning design for the visitor center at the new Brockholes Wetland and Woodland Nature Reserve in Preston, northern England. Nicknamed ‘A Floating World’ and chosen over five other shortlisted entries, this design from Adam Khan Architects uses buildings made of low embodied energy materials such as thatch, willow and timber, drawing on the heritage of wetland dwellings and embodying a sustainable agenda.

Buzz Combines Style, Sustainability and Accessibility
Preston D K in [jetson.green]
I used to drive by Buzz Lofts all the time and check out the construction progress.  It's a modern, green, and affordable condo-loft community immediately south of downtown Dallas.  The development is in what you may call an up and coming neighborhood, but the location is great: near the DART rail and all those downtown jobs.  Buzz has been popular, too, with most units nearly sold out. Owners walk away with a new eGO electric rechargeable moped, bamboo flooring, energy efficient appliances and HVAC, low-E double pane windows, and a condo that's zero energy ready (wired for solar for future).  That butterfly roof also acts to reclaim water for use in the drought-tolerant landscaping.

April 16th, 2008

Eye Candy: Ville Spatiale
For this week’s edition of Eye Candy I couldn’t help but find some images related to our review of Yona Friedman’s Pro Domo - so here we have some collages and drawings done by Friedman of his ‘Ville Spatiale’ polemic. In 1960 Friedman published his two seminal manifestos, Architecture Mobile and La Ville spatiale. He defines the function of the space frame as follows: Critical for the Ville Spatial is what I call ‘spatial infrastructure’: a multi-storey space-frame-grid, which is supported by widely-spaced piles […]. This infrastructure forms the fixed element of the city. The mobile element consists of walls, base-surfaces and dividing walls which make the individual division of the space possible; it could be called the ‘filling’ for the infrastructure. All elements which come into direct contact with the users (i.e. those they see, touch etc.) are mobile, in contrast to the infrastructure, which is used collectively and remains fixed [via].

Arthur House in Santana de Parnaíba
Mohammad Fahmi Tri Wahyudi,ST in Best House Design
Arthur Casas graduated from the FAU/Mackenzie in 1983. His practice covers architecture, interior design and furniture. One of his most famous works being the Hotel Emiliano (São Paulo) and the remodelling of the Brazilian Embassy in Buenos Aires. Well awarded he has offices in São Paulo and New York.
This is just another best residential project by Arthur

Blue Sky on Canal Street
John in A Daily Dose of Architecture
New York asked four architects to come up with ideas for the odd-shaped block at Canal and Varick Streets, recently cleared by owner Trinity Real Estate (to be used as a sculpture park until long-term plans are made). The magazine "required only that the result include a residential component and that it more or less meet zoning requirements."

Designing Sebastian + Barquet
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Since its 2005 opening, design gallery Sebastian + Barquet has been one of our favorite Chelsea stops, and we confess to dragging numerous people there last year to admire the rivets on Marc Newson's Lockheed Lounge. Up through May 24th at S+B's West 24th Street gallery is "Formes and Couleurs," featuring works by Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouve, and Pierre Jeanneret. Meanwhile, Artkrush's recent interview with S+B founder and art dealer Ramis Barquet reveals some of the gallery's backstory....

More on Storefront's LA Transplant
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Last week, we'd talked up all the various happenings and goings-ons surrounding the LA Art Weekend, including mention of the Pop-Up Storefront. Now the LA Times has heard a bit of the buzz surrounding the limited-time-only gallery and put together a pretty interesting piece about it. In it, they describe what's being shown there out until May 17th, as well as Steven Holl and Vito Acconci's work on the space itself, but also some good background on how a gallery from one coast happened to find its way over to another. Here's a bit: The idea is to expand the influence of what Grima calls "a unique space, one of the first where the concept of merging art and architecture was addressed and explored by means of radically experimental shows on a shoestring budget.

Prince Charles’ Environmental Education Treehouse Center
Cate Trotter in Inhabitat
Prince Charles has been invited to open the New Forest Study Centre’s new educational treehouse, a sustainable building that places city kids right in the middle of nature. The Countryside Education Trust (CET) has commissioned two classrooms-on-stilts to be built, enabling 10,000 children a year to learn about rural life and build a connection to nature - an experience that some one million children in the UK that have never had. With an eco-minded design and purpose, the treehouse project will be a catalyst for environmental awareness.

The taller towers of tomorrow
A new record has been set for how high we can build. Some day soon, will architects break into the mile-high club?
The world has a new tallest building. Last week it was announced that, rising above the desert coast of the Persian Gulf, the Burj Dubai became taller than any other structure on the planet. And it's not even due to stop climbing until 2009. According to a press release issued by its developers, Burj Dubai currently stands at 629 meters, at least one meter taller than the KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota, which has held the mantle of world's tallest structure on and off since 1963. Burj Dubai is already taller than the CN Tower (553.33m), the tallest free-standing structure in the world and Taipei 101 (508m), the world's tallest building which has floors throughout.

PNCA's At It Again: Going From Rent to Own at Cloepfil-Redesigned Goodman Building
Brian Libby in Portland Architecture
It's another week, time for the Pacific Northwest College of Art to secure ownership of major Pearl District real estate at little or no cost. They can't keep it up at this pace, surely, but fresh off the news a few days ago of securing the 511 Broadway building, the school has reached an agreement with the family of the late Edith Goodman, the building's owner, to purchase the school's home since 1997 on an full block between Northwest 12 and 13th Avenues, Johnson and Kearney Streets. The agreement is accompanied by announcement from PNCA of accompanying financial news, summarized thusly (as Alton Brown would say) by DK Row: The college also publicly launched a historic capital campaign targeting $32 million in pledges by the end of June 2009, when the college celebrates its centennial.

A Killer Pool
Michelle Linden in Atelier A+D
I kind of feel like I'm done with infinity edge pools... everybody wants one and everybody has one... so they've lost a lot of the allure for me. But, in the right place, an infinity edge pool is really worth all the extra detailing. This pool (and house) by Corona y P. Amaral Arquitectos is phenomenal. You don't feel like you're perched on the cliff... you actually feel like you're floating in the sky.

Holy Cross Project Show House Now a Reality [NOLA]
Preston D K in [jetson.green]
We talked about renderings and plans for the Holy Cross Project back in August last year, but it's now becoming a reality.  The first home is finished and Global Green plans to open it to the public this coming May.  When finished, the entire project will have four more homes and a 18-unit apartment complex -- all of it low-income and green, too.  Global Green is shooting for LEED Platinum on everything and expects homes to use 75% less energy than a similar, typical building.

April 15th, 2008

Neri Oxman in MATERIALECOLOGY: Neri Oxman
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) is an engineering firm dedicated to the design, investigation, and rehabilitation of structures and building enclosures. The practice is located across 44 states and 19 countries in five offices around the world including Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. SGH’s diverse team members include engineers, architects, scientists, and many other technical professionals. Delighted by an opportunity to present my body of work and reflections on contemporary design practice – I will be giving a talk at the Boston branch this Tuesday, April 16th, 2008. The talk will be moderated by Paul Kassabian, lecturer at MIT’s Department of Architecture. Paul Kassabian is a structural engineer with interests in design, dynamic control, and deployable structures.

LEED Gold Eco-friendly Live/Work Townhomes in Sebastopol, CA
Evelyn Lee in Inhabitat
IBIS’ (Intelligent building = Integrated + Sustainable) latest live/work town homes in Sonoma County, California lends sustainable style to the county’s largest gray water bio-remediation system while securing LEED Gold. The Florence Lofts Project is a 12 unit development that integrates a myriad of environmentally friendly practices into welcoming, livable spaces furthering the IBIS ideology that sustainability can yield a stylish way of life.

Cairo Sound City
Geoff Manaugh in BLDGBLOG
There was an interesting article in the New York Times yesterday about noise and the city of Cairo. "We’re not just talking typical city noise," the article says, "but what scientists here say is more like living inside a factory." This is not like London or New York, or even Tehran, another car-clogged Middle Eastern capital. It is literally like living day in and day out with a lawn mower running next to your head, according to scientists with the National Research Center. They spent five years studying noise levels across the city and concluded in a report issued this year that the average noise from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. is 85 decibels, a bit louder than a freight train 15 feet away...

Nau Examines the Pros and Cons of LEED
Preston D K in [jetson.green]
Nau is a budding clothing products company that is committed to sustainability and social awareness in various facets of its business.  They build very cool stores (pictured above) and build them green.  I noticed their website has some info on LEED certification, and just had to use their conversation as a partial vehicle to continue to discuss the green building certification system.  Here's what they said: We are committed to constructing more sustainable store options, and providing healthy spaces for our employees and our customers.  We choose to pursue LEED certification when the circumstances make sense (our Boulder store has received LEED Gold certification). 

Harry in MoCo Loco
Granada Design is producing Lee Jang Sub's Complexcity wall art collection inspired by the patterns found in cities and nature. Per the artist, "This project is an exploration to find a concealed aesthetic by using the pattern formed by the roads of the city which have been growing and evolving randomly through time, thus composing the complex configuration we experience today.". The ComplexCity collection will eventually include 10 famous cities that grew into complex cites starting with Paris, Rome and Seoul.

Green Buildings and Smart Grids
WorldChanging Team in WorldChanging by Pat Mazza
A new energy ecosystem is emerging that connects smart, green buildings with a smart, green grid to optimize energy flows.  Since commercial and industrial buildings represent around 40 percent of U.S. energy use, and homes another 30 percent, this represents the most significant opportunity for energy efficiency and mass-scale renewable generation. But creating this new green energy ecosystem means linking what are today heavily “stovepiped” separate systems within buildings and between buildings and the grid.  It also means expanding the definition of green buildings to include the digital smarts that connect diverse systems.  The Green Intelligent Buildings Conference in Baltimore April 2-3 focused on ways to cut through “stovepipes” and build those new linkages.

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