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Saturday, 06 October 2007 02:06

Artek: Sustainability from Aalto to Dixon
By Collin Dunn, October 22nd 2007
Courtesy of the NY Times, we get an up close and personal look at Finnish furniture company Artek, who've taken old-school notions of sustainability like durability and timeless longevity and updated them for the 21st century. Building on the legacy of co-founding designer Alvar Aalto, this longevity "has made Artek a Finnish institution, and Aalto a national treasure," and really shows how sustainable design is about more than green materials and efficient manufacturing....

The only castle in Malibu
By BLDG Blog - October 22nd 2007
As wildfires "rage," "blaze," and "roar" across Southern California, we find perhaps little-needed proof that surrealist postmodern medievalism will not save your house from destruction.
Castle Kashan has burnt down....

Cities Elapsed
By Brand Avenue - October  21st 2007
Perusing an now-ancient post about a day in the life of Winnipeg, Manitoba as depicted through atmospheric, often captivating time-lapse photography has inspired an ongoing search for evocative time-lapse city shorts. I admit to knowing rather little about the growth of time-lapse photography as a technique, but I do know that I like it, particularly in how it registers experiential variation through time.

In Marrakesh, Homes Among the Palm Groves
By SETH SHERWOOD - October 18, 2007
When Albert Watson’s Greenwich Village neighbors and fashion-business colleagues want to flee their familiar Manhattan routines, many speed off to the Hamptons. ‘The weird thing about the Hamptons is that everybody you see in New York, you go out to the Hamptons and you see them all once again...

A Wooden Cube
By William Wiles in All Archive, Architecture - October 17, 2007
A wooden cube ends a row of terraces in De Beauvoir Town, north London. Recently completed by David Adjaye, the house was designed for a photographer friend, Ed Reeve. The three-storey house is clad entirely in stained garden decking. Adjaye wanted the house to appear as though it had sunk within its own material,” says Reeve. “Not only is the house clad in decking, but so is the outside floor space and the perimeter walls.”.....

Leo a Daly and Conron & Woods Design New LEED-registered Building for State of New Mexico
By - October 16, 2007
The design for the new Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) headquarters, which is a collaborative effort of the Phoenix office of LEO A DALY, the international architecture, planning, engineering, interior design and program management firm, and Conron & Woods Architects of Santa Fe, N.M., was recently completed.

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