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Saturday, 06 October 2007 02:06

Architects Who Changed the Way We Travel
ByYanko Design in All Archive, Architecture - October 15, 2007
It’s no secret that beautiful buildings are part of the reason that travelers choose certain destinations, but which modern architects are making the most impact on the travel scene?, the travel site, just released a guide to the top 11 architects who’ve changed the way we travel. It’s also a great way to get a look at some of the best modern architecture that’s coming up soon — from Zaha Hadid’s Guanzhou Opera House to Koolhaas’s Dee & Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas.

Monday, Monday
By A Daily Dose of Architecture - October 15, 2007
Montjüic Pavilion & Garden in Barcelona, Spain by Federico Calabrese. The updated book feature is Organizing for Change: Integrating Architectural Thinking in Other Fields, by Michael Shamiyeh and DOM Research Laboratory (Ed.).

The sacrifice of Waverly Court
By - October 15, 2007
Houstonist noticed about a month ago that something was missing near the corner of Bissonnet and Mt. Vernon streets, just west of Montrose Blvd. The house didn't seem to fit in, but it sure caught our eye - unfortunately it was recently demolished by the current owners. The house was located at 1 Waverly Court and was designed by Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects and built in 1999 to replace a beaten-up 1950s contemporary home by David Baer, FAIA. It was described in the Houston Architectural Guide as "a low-key tower house fronted by a wildly exploded, expressionist stair tower faced with zinc and aluminum-coated steel siding."

STITCH ROOM by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
By Ali - October 14, 2007
At the intersection of green design, space-making, and textiles, the Bouroullec brothers’ Stitch Room is one part design genius, one part child-like playtime. Known for designs that cross the boundary between furniture and architecture, the creations of this design duo tend to emphasize possibilities, and their exploration of space in The Stitch Room is no exception. Using eco-friendly textiles from the ultra-green Danish company Kvadrat, the brothers have created organized, versatile spaces that can be transformed to almost any imaginable use.

White Installation
By Yoshioka - October 14, 2007
Moroso New York will be the first city exhibiting the final version of Tokujin's Panna chair. The Moroso store at 146 Greene Street in New York is transformed into an ethereal, all-white environment. Tokujin Yoshioka has built an art installation which will show the development of his Panna Chair. New York is the first to show the final version of this chair.

Casa Kike
By mad architect - October 13, 2007
A tropical retreat in Costa Rica by Gianni Botsford. The architects aimed with this project to create an architecture of local adaptation; to climate, environment and culture. Casa Kike located on a beach lot facing the Caribbean Sea for the architect's father - a writer and his extensive library of books.The design is a response to the tropical environment and the local culture, built using available materials and construction techniques. The distinctive roof shape, seamlessly rising from the walls, maps the path of the sun keeping the glazed elevations in shade.

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