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Thursday, 31 January 2008 19:00

February 19th, 2008

Norman Bethune Square’s makeover confirmed
Christopher DeWolf in Spacing Montreal
Pretty much anyone who spends time in the west end of downtown will agree that Norman Bethune Square, at the corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve, desperately needs a makeover. Although plans for renovating the square have been floating around for almost three years, there hasn’t been any funding or concrete timeline announced for the project — until now. Earlier today, the city unveiled new plans for the square and it announced that $22.4 million has been committed to its redevelopment....

City of Athens Gets Green Bags
Stefanos Kofopoulos in Green Options
The city of Athens made a big leap ahead by signing an agreement with all major food stores for replacing plastics bags used for carrying goods. Starting on April 14th 2008 every major super market within Athens will promote and sell the new green bags made from eco friendly materials. Retailers like AB Vasilopoulos, Atlantic, Veropoulos, [...]

Weekly Architecture Film, Part 5, Fritz Lang.
Christoph, anArchitecture in anArchitecture
Born 1890 in Vienna, Austria, Fritz Lang studied civil engineer at the Vienna University of Technology and art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In 1914 Fritz Lang moved to Munich and later to Berlin. He soon started to work as a director at the German film studio Ufa. The abolition of public censorship in the Weimar Republic had created a highly inventive period for the German film: He created films like Dr. Mabuse, Der Spieler (Dr. Mabuse the Gambler), Die Nibelungen, the masterpiece Metropolis and M, Fritz Lang's first "talking" picture. In 1933, after the Nazis came into power, Fritz Lang emigrated to the US and joined the MGM studios. He died, almost blind, in 1976, in Beverly Hills. His last appearance was in the 1964 film Le Mépris, by Jean-Luc Godard, where Fitz Lang played himself – a film director.

Jaime in MoCo Loco
Arja Rantala and Sami Haikonen are the two young designers behind the Finnish design collective Osuma. The pair find inspiration in the forms of their surrounding countryside, as can be seen in Soil, a ceramic tile based on the topography of Helsinki's Töölö Bay. Left uncut, the tiles create a continuous landscape, but when used in smaller pieces new patterns begin to emerge.

the anemix, 3d lighting system
Justin in materialicious
theANEMIX is a lighting system utilizing acrylic panels and LED lighting technology, which can be modified to create a wide range of 3D visual effects. theANEMIX is a modular system - using the catalog forms you can mix several shapes and graphic designs to make your own combination. It was developed by LUXIA, a Chilean company formed by two young architects and lighting designers, Ximena Muñoz and Paulina Villalobos, with the industrial designer Monica Labra

Flying-in the Bat House under military escort
Geoff Manaugh in BLDGBLOG
The above project, by Andrew Brown, Gareth Jones, and James Falconer, proposes "a home for bats in London." It was produced for the Bat House Project, the stated aim of which was to highlight "the potential for architects, builders, home-owners and conservationists to work together to produce wildlife-friendly building design. It connects the worlds of art and ecology to encourage public engagement with ecology issues."

Modern Marine Homes "Villa Nakros" By Swedish architect, Staffan Strindberg
Mohammad Fahmi Tri Wahyudi,ST in Best House Design
A Home for All The Senses | Modern Marine Homes "The sun glints on the water, the wave gently lap, the beautiful scent of the sea seduces the sense, after a morning swim, the coffe taste lovely". That is the great feeling and sensation that you can feels if you were there spending your time on this cool waterfront home that was called "Villa Nackros", yup, this great seaside villa was designed by Swedish architect, Staffan Strindberg.

Taketo Shimohigoshi’s ‘Green Beams’
A recent winner of an AR Award for Emerging Architecture, Taketo Shimohigoshi’s [of A.A.E., or Associates of Architecture and Environment] ‘FLEG Daikanyama’ is an attempt to introduce a green, natural element into the super dense streets of Tokyo.
Shimohigoshi has addressed the mostly overlooked space over the streetscape - creating an interesting and dynamic condition above the heads of the pedestrians below. Two white concrete walls have been inserted into the space, the full width of the site, as if cutting out the volume from the surrounding urban fabric on either side - while opening it on the front to the city, creating a stepped plaza. These walls frame large terrace spaces which are set back from the street - contrary to the ‘typical’ urban balconies that protrude from the face of buildings. These terraces then look back out towards the surrounding neighborhood, through a horizontal arrangement of moss-covered ‘beams’.

Jetson Green: Zorlu Ecocity
Preston, green ninja master over at Jetson Green, writes: Zorlu Ecocity is a Llewelyn Davies Yeang project located in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s a mixed-use development located at the southern extremity of Buyukdere Street in Istanbul. The plan is conceptualized as a “city within a city” and conforms to the city’s planning strategy to multiply the number of urban centers throughout the Marma region to relieve pressure on Istanbul’s historic core. Click here to read read the rest of this article [this is just an excerpt] over at Jetson Green.

Urban Bike Sharing System Coming to London!
Jorge Chapa in Inhabitat
We’ve already seen the massive success of urban bike sharing in Paris, but now the super-smart Velib Bike program is taking to the streets of London! 15,000 bikes, 1,000 stations and more than 7.5 million miles of combined biking later have already been implemented in London, and the new scheme will contribute £75 million and 6,000 shared bikes to the mass biking scheme. Spearheaded by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, the new ‘granny bike’ sharing scheme will reduce traffic congestion and help clear up the air of England’s sprawling capital city.

February 18th, 2008

The Endless City Q&A
Brendan in Where
After a tiny bit of prodding, the folks at Phaidon sent over a review copy of the recently released book The Endless City, edited by Ricky Burdett and Deyan Sudjic, and containing essays by the likes of Saskia Sassen, Enrique Peñalosa, and the indefatigable Rem Koolhaas. Where will feature a review of the book soon, but first, another treat from Phaidon; the editors were asked a series of questions. The following is a selection of the highlights from the record of this Q&A. What are the main issues that you think people should be concerned about when it comes to city growth?

250,000 LEGO's Can't be Wrong: Really BIG Shew at the Graham
Lynn Becker in ArchitectureChicago PLUS
New Graham Foundation Director Sarah Herda's first exhibition, The BIG CPH Experiment, Seven New Architectural Species from the Danish Welfare State, is a winner. You only have until March 1st to see it, but you still shouldn't miss it. Read - and see - all about what makes it so special...

green roof workshop (and garage), harrison architects
Justin in materialicious
Green Roof Workshop, Kirkland, WA. Harrison Architects’ green-roofed workshop and garage for owners Jim Sproull and Susan Radke-Sproull is part of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s Green Roof Project. Reader holz box left a comment recently pointing out the resemblance to the Do-It-Yourself Shed by Marco Valdes. I love it.

ADLS 18.02.2008: Höweler + Yoon
Founded in 2005 by J. Meejin Yoon and Eric Höweler, Höweler + Yoon Architecture is a young Boston based firm ‘operating in the space between architecture, art, and landscape’. It is a multidisciplinary practice, experimenting with electronic media as a material in many of their projects - such as White Noise/White Light, an interactive LED installation created for the Athens Olympics and constructed on the side of the Acropolis for 30 days. The two designers first met while at Cornell University for their BArchs - then going their separate ways, Yoon went on to Harvard’s GSD while Höweler stayed at Cornell for his masters. While Höweler stayed in New York, working in NYC for KPF and then Diller Scofidio + Renfro - and writing Skyscrapers: Vertical Now. Yoon found herself in Cambridge teaching at MIT - and founding MY Studio, where her work investigated the intersection of electronics and architecture. And oh yeah - somewhere in the middle of all that, the two got married.

casa en sta. margarita, sct estudio de arquitectura
Justin in materialicious
Casa en Santa Margarita, Mallorca, Spain. See all the photos and drawings over at Arkinetia. Very nice.

Pitt-Friendly Lawrence Scarpa Builds 'Solar Umbrella Residence' UnBeige
...about Lawrence Scarpa's update and expansion of Paul Rudolph's ideas for the original Umbrella House, building his own larger creation on top of a small bungalow, with the name, "The Solar Umbrella Residence." Beyond just the interesting story in and of itself, you might also recall that Scarpa owns one of the firms responsible for working on Brad Pitt's Make It Right program in New Orleans.

Zaha Hadid's Architecture Foundation Plans Scrapped UnBeige
In case you missed it, going into the weekend, it was surely a sad close to the week for Zaha Hadid who learned that The Architecture Foundation building she was planning to construct in London, her first on her...

Church Furniture For Metz
Frame Magazine
Today, 6:36 AM
Created for the church of [link=]Saint Eucaire Metz[/link], Frank and Stanimira Rafaschieri designed a series of holy furniture.

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