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Monday, 31 December 2007 19:00

January 29th, 2008

Windy City to Get Icy Museum
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
That's right, dear reader, if you guessed that today's UnBeige Secret Word is "ice," you may have won a lifetime supply of Creamsicles! Not to be outdone by its neighbors to the North, Chicago is gearing up for their...

All Your Ecobase Are Belong To Us
Ecobase is another "green" building system out of Europe complete with its own greenwashing sales package: "Your house is also a lifestyle choice, your statement to the other. It expresses how and in what kind of environment you want to live. To live in EcoBase means to make a natural choice. To exist like a part of nature's cycle and state to the other that you are not indifferent to the environmental problems." Little green tips pop up on every page of the website. But it is made of logs. No mention of where they come from or whether they are sustainably harvested, and then they are treated with "antiseptics" and a fire retardant addi...

an elegant minimalist kitchen, daskal & laperre interior architects
Justin in materialicious
It’s Belgium Week over at Remodelista (wonderful stuff), and I thought I’d show this beautiful kitchen I’d bookmarked a while ago by the Belgian firm of Stéphanie Laperre & Daphné Daskal Interior Architects. It’s from the DW Residence in Brussels. You don’t see much of their work around the web, but have a look at the site. I call their work “Quiet Minimalism”. It’s all quite gorgeous.

AIA Announced Winners of Young Architects Awards
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Hot off their unveiling of the 2008 Honor Awards and then their announcement that they wanted to keep staying in the public consciousness as long as they possibly can, the American Institute of Architects has just released its recipients...

A beautiful and clean Memorial.
Ute Bauer in anArchitecture
source: left - DonGil magazine, right - Ute Bauer
Did Don Gil, a fashion chain for high earners, hire a location scout who suggested Vienna's Holocaust memorial to be the most suitable spot to present the autumn/winter collection?
Don Gil was looking for "a public site with a beautiful and clean appearance" - certainly it took several meetings and decision papers to finally result in more pros than cons for the setting....

Weekly Architecture Clips, Part 2,The Child, Alex Gopher.
Christoph, anArchitecture in anArchitecture
Alex Gopher (born Alex Latrobe) is a French record producer, DJ and musician. (source: wikipdeia) In 1999, the French production company has produced the impressive music video for his composition "The Child". It tells the story of couple rushing to hospital to give birth to their baby. The video is composed entirely of typographic elements...

Young in Architecture
My collegue like these stones so much and I think I need to keep a post over these material. The website's images are not attractive but with the lights on, the material glows, that is the interesting part. They even got pearl stone tiles~!
"Ovum Jasper Crystals & Stones offer a unique alternative to tradition finishing solutions such as marble, terazzo, mosaic and tiles. The pictures below show the Manufacturing Process of Ovum Jasper Crystals & Stones. "

Jetson Green: First LEED Gold Museum
Preston, green ninja master over at Jetson Green writes: …Grand Rapids’ latest claim to green fame is that it is now the home to the first new construction LEED-certified art museum in the country.
The building is a 125,000 sf structure designed by Kulapat Yantrasast of Workshop Hakomori Yantrasast (wHY Architects). The Grand Rapids Art Museum opened just a few weeks prior to David Adjaye’s Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, which is also expecting a LEED Gold.

My very own border outpost
Bryan Finoki in Subtopia
So, I made it back from another jaunt to the border, this time – my very own little border zone down south, of new places filled between San Diego and Tijuana, and I have to say – I really didn’t feel like coming back! Seriously, it was so nice down there. I had a ridiculously amazing time, so let me just say thanks to Catherine Herbst for inviting me, having me (I’m glad you thought I came across like an old pro!) how cool. And to Andrea Dietz, for taking such good care of me, setting me up, shuttling me around, and for setting me straight on my lack of history in regards to the precarious relationship architects have always shared with political power – much needed insight, and I will have to dive deeper before making future assertions about architects relationships with the clouds – so thanks again!

A Shelter Is Built Green, to Heal Inside and Out
OAKLAND, Calif. — Although he will not be moving from the dilapidated homeless shelter here for another week, Paul McClendon, 55, has his oversized baby-blue garbage bags packed. Sitting on his bed in a winter jacket, he talked Thursday about the new, so-called green shelter with the central heating that he will be moving into.

Maps, Maps, Maps For All
Brendan in Where
I had a friend over last weekend and we spent a good chunk of time tooling around several of my favorite map sites on the web (because that's what catrography geeks do for fun, you see). After revisiting the glories of Radical Cartography for the first time in months, I was pleasantly surprised to see the pop up in a recent post over at Tropolism. While Radical Cartography does indeed contain some of the most interesting maps on the interwebs, I thought it'd be fun to do a rundown of five of my other favorite sites featuring innovative cartography. Heck, I'll even let down this blog's hair a bit and put the links directly in the text of the post instead of at the bottom. Hot damn, are you excited yet?! I sure am. Let's get rolling.

How to Become a Famous Architect
admin in mirage.studio.7
I had a conversation with an architect last week and during the conversation he told me, “The fastest way to become a famous architect,” he said, “is to throw a brick at a famous architect.”
Advice taken.

January 28th, 2008

Ameritrust developer wants to hire Cleveland architect to design new downtown tower
Steven Litt/Plain Dealer Architecture Critic in Architecture and the Urban Landscape with The Plain Dealer's Steven Litt
K&D GroupDon't worry: Developer Doug Price said Monday he has no intention of building the crystalline glass mushroom shown in this rendering. He's going to aim higher and wants to give the assignment to a Cleveland architect. It was fantastic...

Paula Scher Says Get Rid of 'America' and Ditch the "Star Spangled Banner," But Keep the Flag
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Seeing as we just now got through the first, year-old, 3,400-page issue of Monocle, we realized there's no way we'll be able to catch up with the articles we want to pass along to you by actually reading the...

When Chinatown was a Jewish neighbourhood
Christopher DeWolf in Spacing Montreal
Did you know that today’s Chinatown was once Jewish? From 1890 to 1920, thousands of Yiddish-speaking Jews came to Montreal from Eastern Europe and settled in the streets around St. Lawrence and Dorchester (now René Lévesque). In today’s Gazette, I take a close look at the evolution of this neighbourhood: If Chinatown’s Jewish heritage isn’t obvious, it’s probably because it has been erased by time and redevelopment, swept away like Chenneville St. ...

Philippe Starck Dismayed at Royalton Lobby Redesign
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Last week, designer Philippe Starck got a glimpse of the new Royalton hotel lobby (above), the $17.5 million Roman and Williams redesign of his beloved original, according to The New York Daily News. He was not impressed. According to...

bosworth hoedemaker architecture
Justin in materialicious
Bosworth Hoedemaker Architecture specializes in the design of finely-crafted custom houses in the Pacific Northwest, California and Mexico. The office provides planning, historic preservation, renovation and new construction services. Shown are three new builds.

Cloepfil Speaks
Brian Libby in Portland Architecture
This Wednesday at noon, the University of Oregon's Portland architecture program continues its winter lecture series with a presentation by architect Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works. As you probably already know, Allied has produced a host of big, acclaimed, signature architecture projects around the US: the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, the Museum of Art & Design on Columbus Circle in New York, the Seattle Art Museum expansion, and of course Portland's fabulous Wieden + Kennedy 2281 Glisan buildings. On the flyer I received about the lecture, there was this quote from Aaron Betsky, who heads the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam and helped select Cloepfil for the Museum of Art & Design job: “Cloepfil sees his work as continually pushing and pulling at the expectations we build based on our experiences. He hopes that his buildings do not so much ground us, as make us aware both of our own need for ground and the instability of such a notional center to our existence.”

house in the woods, eddy francois and caroline de wolf
Justin in materialicious
House in the Woods, somewhere in Belgium. Photographed by Sarah Blee Architectural Photography. The house itself is nice enough, but it’s the interiors that knock me out: the stone floors, that kitchen and the pool in the basement. Gorgeous. Visit Eddy Francois’ and Caroline de Wolf’s site for more.

mountain cabin, ps arkitektur
Justin in materialicious
Fjällhus (mountain cabin) in Northern Sweden, designed by PS Arkitektur. Dig the plywood interiors… Julie at Remodelista found this and also wrote a neat post called Steal This Look: Swedish Cabin, if you’d like to copy it. More photos after the jump and at the site.

The great nowhere at the edge
Geoff Manaugh in BLDGBLOG
I'm back from London now to find the news cycle absolutely abuzz with so many interesting stories that it'll be hard to keep up – but I'll start posting the best of the best in a bit.
First, though, last week's lecture was a blast; I talked way too fast, of course, bungling several points in the process, but, in the main, I had a great time and can only hope that everyone who came out on a Wednesday night in London – including my father-in-law! – to hear perhaps a bit too much about geology and not enough about offshore structures, or about the colonial politics of naming alien territories, or about urban iterative architecture, had a good time, as well.
The Bartlett may or may not be uploading a film of the lecture at some point, meanwhile; until then, a few notes from the talk can be seen courtesy of Matt Jones and Mark Simpkins. Also, if you attended BLDGBLOG's recent lecture at SCI-Arc then you would have heard a lot of this before – but you would have missed out on instancing gates and billboard houses and the Indonesian mud volcano and China Miéville's "slow sculptures" and what I thought was a really fun Q&A.

Hubbard Street Asks Mies to Dance
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Meanwhile, here in Chicago, the big architectural event of the season happened yesterday at Mies van der Rohe's S.R. Crown Hall, as the Hubbard Street Dance company teamed up with the Illinois Institute of Technology to host a dance...

Japanese Home by TNA Architect
Mohammad Fahmi Tri Wahyudi,ST in Best House Design
This is the Japanese Architectural on House project by Makoto Takei and Chie Nabeshima (TNA) . The Japanese architect that was collecting many awards from their project in architectural design, such as their New Ring House Design that was awarded for Best Private House, in the Wallpaper Design Awards 2008.

Sou Fujimoto: House O
Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, House O is a weekend house for a couple - located on the coast, two hours from Tokyo. Built atop a rocky shoreline, the home is designed so as to appear to be part of the rocky terrain, with blank concrete walls rising from the rock outcroppings to meet the approaching visitor. This enclosed feeling changes immediately upon entering the house, which opens up almost entirely to the Pacific Ocean on the other side....

On the First Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's La Miniatura in Sixteen Years
mediabistro.com: UnBeige
Yesterday was a red letter day for fans of Frank Lloyd Wright. The heavy gates of his La Miniatura house were thrown open and guests were invited in to tour the place, built in Pasadena in the early 1920s...

The View House Design by Johnston Marklee
Mohammad Fahmi Tri Wahyudi,ST in Best House Design
The View House is designed by Johnston Marklee, Was designed on a restricted site by fire and unstable geologic conditions. Limiting both the size and location of the structure in the landscape. Thedesign results from two site-driven demands : to maximize the size of the interior volume within the small footprint, while optimizing the views of the sorrounding territory. To capitalize on these extreme programmatic circumstances, the rotational flow of the house is defined by shaped interiorized and sculpted exterior forms.

Anti Smog Architecture: A Catalyst for Cleaner Air in Paris
Ali Kriscenski in Inhabitat
Architect Vincent Callebaut’s latest project balances public galleries, meeting rooms and gathering spaces over canals and abandoned railroad tracks in the 19th Parisian district. The prototype uses green technologies and techniques but is more than just an example of sustainable design. Callebaut’s ‘Anti Smog: An Innovation Centre in Sustainable Development’ is a catalyst for cleaner air.

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