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Monday, 31 March 2008 19:00

London Festival of Architecture
Frame Magazine
In collaboration with Hemingway Design, the exhibition designers of [link=http://www.wildcardcreative.com]Wildcard Creative[/link] have taken over the underground car-park of the Danish Embassy for an exhibition on systainable Danish Architecture.  Read more…

Solving Energy Crisis Demands a Sustained Effort
Rod Adams in Green Options
 A number of participants in the energy debate have recently suggested that what America needs is a new federal project on the scale of the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Project that brought large scale teams together to achieve great things. My suggestion is that the better model to follow would be Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway project - or a much more ancient model. As successful as Manhattan and Apollo were at achieving their stated goals, both share a common flaw as a model for attacking our energy supply challenges - they were sprints that left their respective teams panting and wiped out when the initial goal was achieved. In contrast, the Interstate Highway system was a more distributed, long-term effort whose accomplishment required a sustained, methodical approach lasting more than 50 years (so far). It was more of an endurance relay event than a sprint.

Modern Prefab Cabin Available For East Coast Stay
Preston D K in Jetson Green
If you've been listening to the chatter on prefab and thought: "What's the big deal with prefab homes?" or "Why would anyone ever want to own a prefab?", now's your chance to find out.  In his most recent update from A Prefab Project, Chris dropped a link to his shiny new website for Lost River Modern, a prefab cabin in Lost River, West Virginia.  And as you can tell from the images on the new website, Lost River Modern is quite incredible to look at.  Designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture, creators of the original Dwell Home, Lost River Modern is the first and only res4 home available for guests.  You can (and probably should) rent the place and completely chill out.  I see some slots are already filled up, so if you're interested in testing the prefab waters on the East Coast, you better get on it quick.

Top Architecture Schools Tuition Fees.
Christoph in anArchitecture
tuition fees 2008-2009, not including health insurance, special fees, material and accommodation. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. source: internet For young people (and often their parents) the selection of an architecture school or program is largely dependent on the institution's tuition fees. Academic studies are usually a big investment - it's regrettable if they don't pay off. Only a few students can count on generous grants or scholarships.

Half Dose #49: Orquideorama
John in A Daily Dose of Architecture
The appeal of gratuitous overhead structures is not lost on me. For example my occasional updates on J. Mayer H.'s Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain are due in part to a fascination with the large amorphous structure that includes cafes within the parasol and shades parts of the public plaza below, but which for the most part is pure iconography, functionless excess. The Jardín Botánico de Medellín in Colombia by Plan B, with JPRCR, is in a similar vein. It is apparently justified as a structure that is similarly organic to the flowers and other vegetation within the botanical garden. Even though I can see how the various trunks and flowering extensions connect with each other so an artificial canopy is created, at first glance I don't see how it is necessary. Nevertheless I'm enamored; it's thrilling in design and execution.


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