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Monday, 31 March 2008 19:00

These are the articles and blogs that we selected in May.



May 30th, 2008

Recycling Ideas
John in A Daily Dose of Architecture
Back in 2000, then New York Gov. George E. Pataki "proposed building one of the first museums in the country to be devoted to women's history." The following year's competition for the Battery Park City site was won by Smith-Miller Hawkinson, but what interests me here is Weiss/Manfredi's runner-up design. Coming across the design in an issue of future devoted to New York City competitions, I was immediately reminded of this week's dose, Weiss/Manfredi's competition-winning design for the Barnard College Nexus now under construction.

How to Get Off Coal
WorldChanging Team in WorldChanging
by Jim Hansen (1) Urgency of coal moratorium. A successful strategy to avoid climate calamity must start with a moratorium, and eventual phaseout, of coal-fired power plants that do not capture CO2. Other actions are needed, including a carbon price that encourages transition to fuels of the future, discourages scrounging for every last drop of oil, and stymies budding efforts to squeeze oil from the dirtiest fossil deposits (tar shale and its ilk). Also improved agricultural and forestry practices will be needed to draw atmospheric CO2 down.

Green House in Melbourne by Zen Architects
Bridgette Steffen in Inhabitat
It’s easy to see how this very centered home got the nickname “Zen House.” Officially known as the North Carlton Green House, the design offers an oasis of green living in the urban desert of Melbourne, Australia. The owners’ desire to connect to nature through landscaping, architectural form and sustainable design practices has created a beautiful abode. Easily flowing between the boundaries of built and natural environments, indoors and outside, the Zen House stays perfectly balanced with a tiny ecological footprint.

No Ordinary Boathouse: Mulvanny G2 Unveils Waterfront Portland City Storage
Brian Libby in Portland Architecture
It was over a year ago that developer Derek Hanna announced plans for a unique dry boat-storage structure shaped like a long cylindrical tower overlooking the Willamette from a riverside spot just south of OMSI on the east bank. The single-tower was a mere rendering based on a German auto storage tower by the Palis company. Now, Hanna's architects at Mulvanny G2 in Portland have revealed the real design. It's not a single tower anymore, but Portland City Storage has the opportunity to occupy a very prominent if not iconic position along the waterfront. Meeting yesterday with lead designer Eric Cugnart of MG2 (lead designer of the Adidas Village and One Waterfront Place for BOORA before switching firms) as well as principals John Flynn and Gary Larson, I learned the design has gone through five or six iterations. "We sort of discovered the program as we went," Flynn told me. The project now consists of two towers, with the front of each tower set back at the front corner.

Green House in Melbourne by Zen Architects
Bridgette Steffen in Inhabitat
It’s easy to see how this very centered home got the nickname “Zen House.” Officially known as the North Carlton Green House, the design offers an oasis of green living in the urban desert of Melbourne, Australia. The owners’ desire to connect to nature through landscaping, architectural form and sustainable design practices has created a beautiful abode. Easily flowing between the boundaries of built and natural environments, indoors and outside, the Zen House stays perfectly balanced with a tiny ecological footprint.

Richard Meier to Wield Sharpie at Book Signings in Soho, Basel UnBeige
Architect, collagist, and budding knitwear designer Richard Meier will be at the Taschen store in New York City on Tuesday evening (6-8 p.m.) to sign copies of the shimmering 568-page Meier monograph published earlier this month by Taschen. Then he'll cap his Sharpie, but not for long. On Friday afternoon, Meier is scheduled to sign up a storm at Art Basel in Switzerland. Richard Meier & Partners, Complete Works 1963-2008 was a collaborative effort among Meier, author Philip Jodidio, and graphic designer Massimo Vignelli.

PREFAB FRIDAY: The Evolving Énóvo House
Mike Chino in Inhabitat
We just caught wind of a beautiful new prefab that takes an innovative approach towards its own structural life-cycle. The Canada based Énóvo House features a sleek modular assembly that’s designed to evolve as the needs of its inhabitants change. Its elegant, angular structure makes excellent use of materials to maximize square footage, and its versatile design is able to adapt to any type of terrain and any climate condition.

The Whole Deal on Nouvel's New Signal Tower UnBeige
After our quickie post yesterday about Norman Foster losing to Jean Nouvel on a contract to build the second tallest building in Paris, the Signal Tower, we heard from our friends over at Building Design, who let us know that they have loads and loads on material on the new building and that we should come and check it out. Well, we did, and now we pass along all the goodness to you. It's brief, but there's some great photos, some good quotes by the judging panel who selected the winner, and even a downloadable copy of the entire PowerPoint presentation all about the plans for the Tower. So go forth and gobble it all up. Then book a flight to Paris and hang out when they start breaking ground on the project. Then you can brag to every random passerby, "I know what that's going to look like!" Except, you know, in French.

Austin and Pihlak's Entire Presentation on the Flight 93 Memorial's 'Idea-Drift' UnBeige
For the past little while, you might recall that we've been reporting on both fronts of the issues surrounding the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania, with Alec Rawls and his people trying to get a complete redesign, saying that the whole thing looks too similar to an Islamic symbol, to the other debate over whether or not Paul Murdoch borrowed some of his ideas from other designers who were submitting concepts during the initial stages (you'll recall that this has just recently been making some headlines again). Two of the people involved with the later issue, Lisa Austin and Madis Pihlak, were kind enough to write in to us and offer us a transcript of their recent presentation at a National Parks Service-sponsored conference about park planning and design, held at the University of Virginia.

Leonardo Glass Cube, by 3deluxe
architect studio in architect studio
3deluxe created this distinctive corporate architecture for the brand Leonardo. The integrative design concept combines architecture, interior design and landscape design into a complex aesthetic entity. One of the design features is the multi-layerd composition of the building: The silhouette-like genetics overlay with the graphic design of the glass facade and elements on the inside.

Vader Garage Rehab Will Take Your Breath Away!
Preston D K in Jetson Green
My man over at 100k House ran into a guy in Philly that just finished this green garage rehab and has it for sale on Craigslist.  Long and short, three University of Pennsylvania Master of Architecture majors agreed to forgo the traditional route of finding summer internships and decided to buy, design, and rehab a house in Philly.  The result is this stylish renovation with undeniable appeal.  My two favorite aspects of the design are (1) the Cor-Ten facade that provides both privacy from the outside and visibility from the inside, and (2) the courtyard area that separates the living room / kitchen and office / bedroom area (it's nice to have a buffer between the noisy tv room and sleeping areas).  

Home Ground
Chris in Brand Avenue
An insightful recent essay by Natalia Ilyin in Metropolis explores ideas of home and mobility, identity and belonging: I have moved from state to state and country to country 12 times in my life, with many a change of apartment or house in-between. Like most Americans, I have never stood on the ground where my great-grandparents once stood. And as the years go by, I find myself asking, What does it feel like to stand on that ground? What does it feel like to come from somewhere? Where’s home? Is home a place? Can it be more than one place? Is it a sensibility, an emotion? Is it sets of things unique to individuals and groups? Is home other people? Is it music? Language? Time? Image?

May 29th, 2008

Garage Door Irony.
Christoph in anArchitecture
Vallo Sadovsky architects, housing project in Bratislava, Slovakia What is this, irony? The fulfillment of the settlers dream? Parking gets more and more a serious issue in architectural design – think of great solutions like the Roof Road NT by NL Architects or the Mountain Dwellings by BIG and JDS architects. A street side façade of garage doors, however, rather looks like a nightmare. I am sorry, but Vallo Sadovsky architects have missed the mark on this one (another garage door posting, click here).

In Progress: Mountain Dwellings / BIG
David Basulto in Arch Daily
Right next to their VM Housing project, BIG is currently finishing their new project: Mountain Dwellings. But this time, the client asked for a specific program with 2/3 parking and 1/3 living. Rather than doing 2 separate buildings, BIG decided to combine the splendours of the suburban backyard with the social intensity of urban density, resulting on a terraced housing over the parking area.

Artemide 2008
Jesper in MoCo Loco
Besides the main fair ground and the ever so popular Zona Tortona area, a lot of the events during Milan Design Week were spread out all over town in different stores, showrooms and venues. One of them was Artemide showing their first ever collaboration with Ross Lovegrove resulting in the Hydro / Aqua series inspired by the hydrodynamics of water. Also on display were works by Karim Rashid, Adrien Gardere, Ernesto Gismondi, Herzog & de Meuron, Michele De Lucchi & Alberto Nason and a lighting installation called "La stanza del Maestro".

The Whole Woodstock (Museum) Experience UnBeige
Heading back to rural New York again and to the soon-to-open Museum at Bethel Woods (or "The Woodstock Museum"). Jeremy Gerard over at Bloomberg wound up getting the whole story behind the creation of the museum, from buying the land to the fallout from the government trying to hand it some money to its opening this weekend and the problems they're already having with the place (see: they held the original, 1969 festival out in the middle of nowhere for a reason -- there's nothing around for miles). It's a fun piece, full of all the colorful characters who can't keep from wanting to relive their glorious, rebellious, mud-encrusted, odorous youths, as well as some critiquing of the new building and its various exhibits: The hardwood structures feel tersely corporate; above one interior archway there's even the U.S. Marine Corps insignia -- a tribute to Gerry [the writer's tour guide]'s service but strikingly out of place here.

Ordos 100
Merten Nefs in Projetos Urbanos
This month in Ordos, inner Mongolia, starts the construction of 100 villas, on 100 sites of 1000 square meters, by 100 international architects. The group of architects that will design this new “Weissenhof Siedlung” is chosen by Herzog & de Meuron, under supervision of chinese artist Ai Wei Wei (Beijing). The group contains 22 offices in the US, 14 from Switzerland (mostly in Basel, hometown of Herzog). The selection has caused discussions among national architectural organizations, especially in countries that are not so well-represented, for example in the UK (1 national representative). The idea is to build the houses in 100 days.

Meier Goes to Israel, While Foster Gets Beaten By Nouvel in Paris UnBeige
Some quickie bits of architecture all together, so we don't have to feel quite so bad inundating you with all this slew of building stuff this week (what can we say, sometimes it just pours architecture stories). First up comes an interview with Richard Meier by the International Herlad Tribune about his flashy new Meier on Rothschild building in Tel Aviv. It's interesting, if just for watching the startchitect starting to get really into green building....

Turkish Constructivism
owen hatherley in sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy
Unless you count AA students ripping off their ideas 50 years later, Constructivist architecture never quite became a trans-national style, give or take exhibition structures by Lissitzky or Melnikov. Khan-Magomedov's Pioneers of Soviet Architecture lists the Soviet embassy in Ankara as an exception, designed in the mid-20s in severe Constructivist manner. Apparently there was more where this came from, presumably via the mutual admiration between statist attempts at 'modernising' peasant economies...One such is the Sumerbank Textile Factory in Kayseri, designed by Ivan Nikolaev, member of the remarkable OSA group and planner of Communal Houses in late 20s Moscow. Apparently it's now up for demolition, which would be an act of ahistorical barbarism: more info and petition here.

Nursery School Santa Isabel / Carroquino Finner Architects
Nico Saieh in Arch Daily
The nursery school Sta. Isabel in Zaragoza (Spain) is one piece in a major public building operation. Together with the nursery schools in the districts Oliver, La Paz and Actur (all redacted by C|F) Sta. Isabel completes the educational core of that program. We approached every project conscious of the fact that the main occupants will be infants. Therefore we tried to give special sensibility to the needs of the very young boys and girls. The concerted results are austere spaces, luminous and fluid. Comfortable and protective at the same time.

James Law’s High Tech ‘Cybertecture Egg’ for Mumbai
Ali Kriscenski in Inhabitat
James Law Cybertecture International brings high-tech solutions to large scale structures through innovative ideas for intelligent living. The latest future forward design from this firm is the Cybertecture Egg, commissioned by Vijay Associate (Wadhwa Developers) for Mumbai, India. The 32,000 sq m egg-shaped building will combine “iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and new engineering to create an awe-inspiring landmark in the city.”

The Spirit of a Mytthic Metropolis
jimmy in Life Without Buildings
A lone figure, dressed in trenchcoat and fedora, sprints recklessly across the rooftops of a crumbling yet timeless city. After just a one-minute teaser trailer, I’m already looking forward to the film adaptation of The Spirit. Not only because I’m a huge fan of Will Eisner’s seminal comic series about a detective who ostensibly returns from [...]

ARE - Materials and Methods
Michelle Linden in Atelier A+D
I've suddenly realized that I never finished writing up my experiences from the ARE... How can I talk about the 9 tests if I only write about 8? Although at this point its probably a waste of time - has the ARE moved to the 7 test format?- since I can barely remember my experience. Still... since I'm a bit of an obsessive compulsive, I wanted to at least share what I could remember. I started studying for the materials and methods exam after the mechanical and electrical building systems test. I was very nervous about this test, mainly because I didn't want to screw up the last one, so I postponed taking the test much longer than I needed.

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