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Monday, 31 March 2008 19:00

May 10th and 11th, 2008

0751 Suburban House - third scheme
lavardera in LamiDesign Modern House Plan Blog
Time to look at another schematic scheme from the suburban house project. This scheme was centered around an interesting idea about how to organize the house, but also departed from the previous schemes because of this. Here the living+dining+kitchen space is imagined as a glazed rectangular volume set atop a plinth containing the rest of the functions of the house. This may be a little bit harder to imagine because the schematic model really does not give a good representation of how this would be integrated into the landscape. The plinth would be masonry, sunk into the earth, the stairs at the front looking like a bit of a ruin, emerging out of the landscape (which with fill needed for the site would not be as long as shown in the illustrations). The bar atop is lighter, framed, with many windows, cantilevering off the base on both sides.

Shane de Blacam to lecture on his recent work in New York
Archiseek IRELAND Architecture News
Following the success of Shane O Toole’s lecture Import+Export and Anchor and Animation by Grafton Architects, Shane de Blacam’s lecture, Recent Buildings by de Blacam and Meagher will take place on Tuesday the 27th of May in the American Irish Historical Society. Shane de Blacam who worked exclusively on the Mellon Centre in Yale and a former protégé of celebrated American architect Louis Kahn, will give a lecture on the Recent Buildings by de Blacam and Meagher. This lecture will be introduced by Nathaniel Kahn, Academy nominated filmmaker and son of Louis Kahn.

Literary Dose #27
John in A Daily Dose of Architecture
"I think designers today are responding to several really significant shifts or pressures. There may be more, but the two that stand out are the redefinition or dissolution of what's public and private; that becomes very interesting for thinking through issues of program, spatial effects, and the tension between landscape and architecture. The other is ecology. We have an obligation to think through in novel ways as designers, not to be glib or presume that if you simply introduce recycled buildings into a building you will be more ecological. What's really interesting about ecological concerns is that they demand thinking in terms of process and the interrelationship of different processes. That sense of process has entered into a lot of what we and our contemporaries are trying to reconcile spatially as designers -- how to think about ecological concerns inventively and freshly."

From Manure to Books
John in A Daily Dose of Architecture
On today's CBS Sunday Morning, reporter Bill Geist visited a farm in Wisconsin where a husband and wife have turned 12 farm buildings into depositories for approximately one million books; a very atypical bookstore, to say the least. The main shop is housed in an old manure tank, a large cylindrical structure that was removed of its former contents (thankfully), covered in a roof framed of wood trusses, and clad to resemble a castle. This last piece is not my cup of tea, but the interior is rather well done, with a central column, perimeter balcony, and detailed ceiling, all of wood. And, of course, lots and lots of books.

Lighting Installation Cannes
Frame Magazine
Design crew Architecture Lumière threw colourful light upon the renowed boulevard in Cannes.

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