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The 2750 m² extension of the Apprentice Formation Center is a compact and economic building, that complements the existing complex of the Chambre des Métiers of the Val-de-Marne Departement, near Paris.
The program called for the creation of a new three level building : double-height hall, double height plumbers workshop, classrooms, meeting room with good natural light. It also required the rehabilitation of existing construction to fit a new cafeteria while refurbishing existing classrooms and offices.

Separating the existing and the newly built is an open courtyard that serves as a buffer. Built with raw yellow concrete, it extends volumetrically into the both sides of projects, helping them in reaching some common ground. It also helps in extending spaces such as the cafeteria inside the existing building.
Air_CFA_04Air_CFA_05Air_CFA_07Air_CFA_08In a game of inversion, the new building backs its concrete facade with a complex steel structure with long spans (20m) for the new workshops insured by full height beams that frame the second floor. The triangulations of these beams are shaping the upper level inclining the zinc cladded external walls as well as their windows shaped as diamonds
Air_CFA_03To enhance the energetic performance of the building, the architects utilized a planted terrace and implemented a systemm that recuperates rain water by gravity. Electrical conception is estimates at 80 kwh/m².year

Air_CFA_06Project details and credits:
Apprentice Formation Centre – Saint Maur des Fossés, France
Extension and Restructuration - Projet HQE - Delivery : sept.2009
Chambre des Métiers du Val de Marne

Architect: AIR (Cyrille Hanappe & Olivier Leclercq)
Location: Saint Maur des Fossés, France (near Paris)
Project team: David Pereyron, Noémie Pons Rotbardt, Arthur Couprie
Engineers: Betom
Acoustic Consultant: AYDA (Yves Dekeyrel)
Budget: $4,6M Euro
Project Area: 2,749sqm
Project year: 2007-2009
Photographs: © Denis Ferrattier, David Boureau

Newly constructed area : 2749 m²

Cost Excluding Taxes : 3.937.866 € (1.432€/m²)
Calendrar : The architect won the competition in March 2007. The project was completed in September 2009

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