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The Mandate for this project entailed a  major makeover of kitchen and bathroom of the loft, design of custom audio cabinet and integration of a air-conditioning unit.

Maximal exploitation of an open loft-type space, located in an historic building, by the withdrawal of some walls and the modification of storage units in order to widen the field of vision and recover a maximum of the lighting provided by the existing fenestration. Light setting followed a strategy of retro and indirect lighting producing light beams dynamizing the space. Along these lines, a particular care was given to the selection of absorbing, reflecting or coloring materials (stainless steel, colored frosted glass, white Corian).
The color range has been restricted to a minimalist palette (white, gray and some keys of blue). The purity and the sobriety of the design allowed a harmonious relation between elements, putting « hot » materials (wall of bricks, cast iron columns, ceiling and floor out of wooden, slate, mosaic) and « colder » ones (stainless steel, glass, ceramics and white Corian) in constant dialogue.

LeRoyer_03Project details and credits:

Client: L. Turcotte et C. Laberge

Area: 1 200 sq.ft.
Cost: 100 000$

Project completed in October 2009

Photographer Pierre Charron

About the architect:

Eric Joseph Tremblay, architect MOAQ

Eric is a founding member of Polygone Studio, where, as part of his many duties, he acts as project manager.

He obtained an architecture degree from the Université de Montréal in 1995. He gained experience in set design at Scéno Plus, where he was part of the team that created the theatre for Cirque du Soleil.

With his expertise in museography developed at Polygone Studio, he has won recognition as a project manager that delivers quality work using quality methods.

Through his many collaborative efforts in Quebec's museum and architectural fields, he has acquired the know-how to turn concepts and goals into realities, replete with innovative forms and rich content. His creative drive makes him totally committed to project outcomes. That's why he loves to be surrounded by professionals, creators and talented people who, like him, strive to develop and accomplish exceptional projects.


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