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The aim of the project was to revitalize a dismissed industrial area with a residential building. The challenge was to work within the parameters of good design and a low budget to provide the city with quality architecture while respecting the commercial space requirements of the client.
Tisselli_APT05The resulting project provides a substantial architectural impact with respect to the smaller buildings of the area that are characterized by a broad range of building styles.

The decision to use a traditional structure allowed the architects to focus their design energy on the details and the finances on finishing material, which afforded the pursuit of innovative design. The complex characteristics of the site required a comprehensive and functional solution, taking into account the slope of the lot. Tisselli_APT02

Tisselli_APT04The resulting building is composed of superimposed layers, developed longitudinally. Each ‘layer’ has a specific designated use: the first level is reserved for parking, the second level contains more parking in addition to outside living space, and the remaining levels are dedicated to the 28 residential units. A system of ramps and pedestrian walkways unifies the structure and provides pedestrian and vehicular access to all levels.
Tisselli_APT07Tisselli_APT09Tisselli_APT10The elevation integrates with the surrounding area while maintaining a strong architectural identity. Wide balconies run the entire length of the building to emphasize the horizontal progression of the structure while providing access to the rear residential units.
Tisselli_APT08As a play on depth, two bands enclose the structure in a unique graphic gesture, providing order to an otherwise fragmentary façade and serving as the identifying symbol of the building.

Project's Drawings:


Project details and credits

: Residential building with 28 flats

Location: via Magellano, via Fiorenzuola, Cesena (FC) -ITALY
google earth 44° 8'2.07"N 12°15'51.35"E

Architecture: tissellistudioarchitetti, Cesena (FC)
Filippo Tisselli, Cinzia Mondello, architects www.tissellistudio.com

: Filippo Tombaccini, Flavia Benigni, Elena Fantoni, architects

Design: January-May 2006

Construction: April 2007-September 2009

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