Eco-sculpture by Melissa Ireland Print


New Mexico Eco-Artist Melissa Ireland Creates Sculpture for the Award Winning Indigo Pearl Resort in Phuket Thailand.

In May of 2008 Melissa resided at the Indigo Pearl Resort as the resident artist.  Using recycled materials she taught a stimulating and engaing workshop on team work that  inspired the participants to explore and be friends with the creative process.

She also offered design consultations for the gallery area and provided a wealth  of information on the environment, something she gained from seven years of researching the eco movement for television programming.

The artist, working with the Underwood Factory in  Phuket Thailand has created a permanent collection of sculptures for the award winning Indigo Pearl Resort  designed by Bill Bensley at Nai Yang beach. Melissa’s sculptures contribute a delightful humor to a unique soul  of creativity that has made the Indigo Pearl Resort an example of how recycling can be expressed in an elegant and unique way.
The sculptures use interesting combinations of materials such as pig troughs, a saxohone, tire irons, used fans, a crystal ball and bicycle wheels in ways that boggle the mind and brings a smile to your face.

More about the artist on her web site

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