Eran Mebel Architect - Stores for Galilees enterprise in Israel Print
Written by Hezy Levi   
Friday, 09 October 2009 06:01

Galilees enterprise – the secret Galilee magic is an international new brand name that will sell different Galilee merchandise.

The Tel Aviv store

The first store has been opened in Tel Aviv harbor; the second store will be completed and soon to be opened in "Grand Canyon" Haifa.

Eran_Mebel_01Eran_Mebel_02Eran_Mebel_03 Future stores are schedule to be opened until the end of 2010 in Israel abroad. The store is a show room for represents and purchases Galilee products, through an experience of "journey" to Galilee landscape.

Haifa_4The Haifa store

The "journey" takes place in a "Galilee street" where windows to Galilee landscape reveals, inside each window interweaves different products that can be picked by costumers through familiar views.

Architect: Eran Mebel
Designer: Hezy Levi

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