Installations: BRICKS OF ENLIGHTENMENT by Ismar Cirkinagic + a-lab Print
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 07:44

Ismar Cirkinagic + a-lab

ML2090 First Phase
23th January – 14th March, Copenhagen/ Denmark

Kunsthallen Nikolaj presents the installation Brick of Enlightenment by the Danish-Bosnian artist Ismar Cirkinagic in collaboration with the architectural office a-lab.
The exhibition is the first phase of three in the project ML2090, and is a visual examination of staging power based on the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

Bricks of Enlightenment in Kunsthallen Nikolaj is based on the idea of the Ministry of Love, that in Orwell's novel is a ministry in charge of public love and loyalty to the "Big Brother" in the super state Oceania. The book only gives a sparse description of the building of the Ministry of Love and its appearance. On the basis of an artistic research around the little information that Orwell gives on the Ministry of Love, Cirkinagic visualizes this building in the exhibition, in the form of physical architectural structures, light and sound installations. Cirkinagic has in collaboration with a-lab created a visualization of a building that usually only exists in the reader's imagination.

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Ismar Cirkinagic was born in 1973 in Bosnia, but fled to Denmark 1992 because of the war. He graduated from Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi in 2006 and works with photography as well as installation and painting. A-lab partner Adnan Harambasic came, like Ismar Cirkinagic, to Scandinavia in connection with the war in Bosnia. They have both lived under two different political systems: autonomous socialism under Tito's Yugoslavia and Western democracy as practiced in the Nordic countries. These personal experiences are involved in the process of examining the visual language of power in both dictatorship and democracy.

While Orwell foresees Stalin's Russia in 1984, Cirkinagic and a-lab wish, in a final phase of the project ML2090, to project the novel's bleak vision even farther into the future - namely the year of the 2090.

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