Topotek 1 - Installation for Public Design Festival in Milan | 13.4. - 18.4. Print
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 08:09

Public Space Is a Personal Affair - Locked in Freshness
public-design-3What are the conditions of public space? As part of the Public Design Festival in Milan, Topotek 1 reworks an abandoned building with a high visibility on the Porta Genova station square. Wallpaper is pasted on the outside to seamslessly cover the whole of the building. The possibly redundant, but certainly not „respected“ building is thus turned inside-out. The interior wallpaper on the outside of the building emphasizes the contrast and the irony between how these typologies are treated and how people interact with the different spaces and surfaces. Public space should be a personal engagement. This installation may prompt people to reflect on these premises and to enjoy the simulation of a relaxed home environment.

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The application of a fashionable wallpaper with ornamental, floral patterns on a neglected modernist building comments on the irony of changing ideals, and, possibly, the longing for a garden. The ornamental forms have their origin in the French baroque castles, representing powerful examples of diffusing graphical codes of the inside with the outside. The floral pattern of these wallpapers originally referred to the outside. Later, the patterns would dominate the salons of the upper classes of the flamboyant, pre-modernist era. Today, being rediscovered in current interior design, the representations come full circle. On the public station square Tootek 1 returns the floral ornament to the outside again.public-design-1
As the wallpaper will be removed from the building later, the „as new“ whiteness of the meticulously cleaned stone foundation will create a „podium“ for the building. What will appear is the building as such: a surface of public communication. The building, its tags and posters will become the subject of renewed observation. The future of public space is up for consideration.

Client: Public Design Festival, Milan
Date: 2010
Cost: 3 000 Euro
Size: 98 m2 of Wallpaper
Collaboration: Goethe-Institute Milan | esterni magazine | Jannelli e Volpi Wallpapers