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alberto_campo_baeza_c.jpg Alberto CAMPO BAEZA was born in Valladolid (1946), first saw the light in CADIZ ( Spain ) and the Architecture in MADRID (Degree 1971) P.H.D. in 1982.

He became Chairman and Professor of Design in MADRID in 1986. He has taught in E.T.H. Zurich as a gästdozent in 1989-1990. He has also been teaching in Dublin (1992), Naples (1993), Virginia Tech.- Blacksburg and Copenhagen (1996). He has moreover taught in EPFL Lausanne as a p. invité in 1997, in University of Pennsylvania (1986 and 1999), BAUHAUS in Weimar (2002), IIT Chicago (2003). He has been Visiting Scholar in Columbia University (2003), lecturer in Harvard (2002), Miami (2002), Columbia U. New York (2002), IIT Chicago (2003), Palladian Basilica in Vicenza (2004) and Kansas S.U. (2005).

He has built a selected number of very precise buildings: Fene Town Hall (1980), S.Fermin Public School in Madrid (1985), Drago Public School in Cadiz (1992), Center BIT in Mallorca (1998), the Cathedral's Square and Offices in Almería (2001) and SM Editorial Offices in Madrid (2003), the very well known houses Turégano, García Marcos, and De Blas, all of them in Madrid, and Gaspar's house in Cádiz, only to name a few. He has also a tower project, the tallest in Spain , for the “Telefonica's Communications' city” in Madrid . His most representative building is the Headquarters of the Caja de Granada, finished in 2001. He is just now about to start the construction of his first house in the USA : the Olnick Spanu House in Garrison , New York (2004).

His work has been extensively awarded. In the last years, the First Award for the Spanish Pavillion in the Biennale of Venice (2000), the Award of the Bienal de Miami (2000) and the COAM Award (2002) for the Blas House, the COAB Award (2003) for the Centre BIT in Mallorca, the COAAO Award (2003) and EDUARDO TORROJA Award (2003) for the Headquarters of the Caja de Granada. This year he has been awarded the Award Architecture in Stone, in Verona , for the Almeria Offices.  

A book of his collected writings "THE BUILT IDEA" has become the 4th edition and some monographs on his work have been published: in Spain ("CAMPO BAEZA 1971-1996", Ed. Munilla Lería. Madrid , 1996), in USA ("CAMPO BAEZA", Rockport Ed. Massachusetts, 1997) in Japan ("CAMPO BAEZA", Graphic-Sha Ed. Tokyo, 1997). And it has also been published the English edition of the last monography (“ ALBERTO CAMPO BAEZA ”, Gustavo Gili Ed. Barcelona 1999), which has been updated in its italian version (“ ALBERTO CAMPO BAEZA ”, Electa Ed. Milano, 2004).

His work has been published in most major architectural magazines in the world and he has been exhibited in many major cities. In 2003 there was a great exhibition of his work in the Crown Hall at the IIT in Chicago , later it was shown in the Urban Center in New York . In 2004, a selective exhibition was shown in the Palladio´s Basilica in Vicenza ( Italy ). During 2005, this exhibition will be shown in Sta. Irene Basilica, coinciding with AIA in Istambul. His MA Memory of Andalucia Museum in Granada , just under construction, has been exhibited in MOMA NY in 2006.

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