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Wednesday, 02 January 2008 07:37

ming_zhang.jpg Name: Ming Zhang, AIA
Senior Partner and Design Director, MulvannyG2 Architecture
Born: 2/26/63
Birthplace: Nanjing, China
Nationality: American citizen

Born and trained as an architect in China, Mr. Zhang came to the U.S. in 1986 to study architecture in graduate school. His talent and creativity combined with his special ability to address each client’s specific needs, earned him a distinguished reputation as a world class designer at MulvannyG2 Architecture.  With over 20 years of architectural experience in the United States, Asia and the Middle East, Mr. Zhang’s strengths include high-rise architecture, urban mixed-use development planning, civil architecture, corporate headquarter and technology park design, and overall planning.



Designed for the people. | Ming Zhang’s humanistic and artistic design approach adds a uniquely creative design capability to projects.  He’s a designer who respects a project’s context as well as the people who will inhabit the space. Redmond City Hall located in Washington State 15 miles east of Seattle is an example of a successful award winning project on which Ming was the lead designer.  The nationally acclaimed publication, Architectural Record, featured Redmond City Hall in its March 2007 issue, among the top four government projects selected from worldwide submittals.  MulvannyG2’s design for this project was chosen by Redmond’s citizens in a contest with 13 competing design firms and was endorsed unanimously by the city’s selection committee, noting its “outstanding design…fitting the image of Redmond – innovative and leading edge.” Mr. Zhang is currently overseeing several high-rise projects in the Seattle area including Seneca Towers, Olive 8, Escala, and Bellevue Towers.

Leading edge international design experience. | Ming Zhang has a significant portfolio of work in China where developers and government officials encourage the creation of buildings that make statements and leave a legacy.  An example of one of Mr. Zhang’s dramatic, sculptured projects is the recently completed Fujian Provincial Electric and Power Company in Fuzhou City, China.  This 31-story contemporary sculptured building, with a 69-meter-high communications tower, creates a unique profile that suggests a flash of lightening, symbolic of the power company.  The building also stresses sustainability and people-centered design, integrating roof gardens and sky lounges into the workplace. Today, under Mr. Zhang’s leadership, MulvannyG2 designers are working on 45 projects in more than 20 cities in China. 

Ming Zhang has received numerous honors and awards--including the 2006 Top 20 Most Influential Designers in China Landmark Award from the Chinese Research Center for Urban Development and Environment. His influence has literally created a new image for major cities throughout China.  Zhang is a sought after speaker, particularly in the topics of smart building design, working relationships in China, sustainability and green design, and culture and design. He has presented for organizations such as the Chinese Business and Technology Association (CBTA), the University of Washington, the American Institute of Architects, and the U.S./China High-Tech Conference.

Ming Zhang is a member of MulvannyG2 Architecture’s Board of Directors.  He is a graduate of Hefei University of Technology in China and Illinois Institute of Technology, holding Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Architecture.  After graduation, he worked for a U.S. Architectural firm, and then in 1995 left to start his own company, ZGA Architecture.  In 1998, he joined MulvannyG2 as a partner, where his primary responsibilities are architectural design, market operations, and corporate strategic planning. 

For more information on Ming Zhang’s design work at MulvannyG2 Architecture, see www.MulvannyG2.com.

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