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michel_rojkind.png Michel Rojkind Halpert, Architect
Address: Campos Eliseos # 432 COL. POLANCO, MEXICO,D.F. 11560
T .(525) 5 280 83 96 / 52 80 85 21
F. (525) 5280 80 21
Web: www.rojkindarquitectos.com

Michel Rojkind was born in Mexico City in 18.12.1969, where he studied architecture and urban planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana. After working on his own for several years, he teamed up with Isaac Broid and Miquel Adria to establish Adria+Broid+Rojkind (1998-2002).
With the idea of exploring new challenges that address contemporary society, to design compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality, and to connect at a deeper level with the intricacies of each project, he established an independent firm rojkind arquitectos (2002) recognized by Architectural Record in 2005 as one of the best ten “Design Vanguard” firms.

By addressing users’ needs directly and seeing them as potential sources of inspiration and strength, Rojkind Arquitectos seeks new directions in architectural practice - evoking common identities through the exploration of uncharted geometries that address questions of space, function, technology, materials, structure,and construction methods related directly to geography, climate, and local urban experiences.

By pursuing all projects that represent a particular design challenge, Rojkind Arquitectos has been able to develop a wide an evergrowing spectrum of designs initiatives, from the intimacies of small objects to the intricacies of large buildings and master plans.

In recognition of his approach, Vitra design museum along with the Art Center Pasadena will be exhibiting rojkind arquitectos in Germany later this year, as part of Entry 2006 “Open House: Intelligent Living by-design”.

With Arturo Ortiz, Derek Dellekamp, and Tatiana Bilbao, Michel Rojkind co-founded MXDF Urban Research Center (2004). The main object of MXDF is to intervene in specific areas of the urban development, modifying the production of urban space in Mexico through the systematic study of social, political, environmental, global, and cultural conditions. In order to achieve this, MXDF has been collaborating with several universities in Mexico, Studio Basel, ETH Zürich, and MIT in Boston Massachusetts. MXDF is a non-profit organization.

Recently Michel has been short-listed to participate in severallarge scale international projects, including Canada, Kuwait, and Spain. In addition to being a regular contributor in several architectural and design publications, Michel Rojkind has served as the editor of the technology section “FWD” in the architecture journal Arquine International, and has been held several visiting professorships at several universities.

2007.Invited Professor by the Nottingham University. “School of the built Environment”.
2005 .Invited Professor by the Universidad Iberoamericana UIA for the vertical workshop MXDF, Mexico City, Mexico
2003-2004.Invited Professor by the Universidad Anahuac Campus Norte for the workshop Simulaciones, Mexico City, Mexico
2001-2002.Invited Professor by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM for the experimental workshop “MEXTROPOLIS”, Mexico City, Mexico.

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