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Global Expertise and Sustainable Framework to Guide Expansion of Vietnam's Capital

Global Expertise and Sustainable Framework to Guide Expansion of Vietnam's Capital

Following a review of 21 international competitors, the government of Vietnam selected a team comprising Perkins Eastman and two leading Korean firms—Posco E&C, and Jina Architects Co., Ltd.—to develop a master plan for Greater Hanoi. The plan will set the development guidelines for the entire 3,300 square km Capital Region.

Among the themes discussed in team presentation were: preserving the City’s historic core and its 1,000-year old architectural legacy; the projected growth of the City from its current population of just over six million to more than 10 million inhabitants by 2030; and the need to channel the expected growth into several satellite cities linked by new transit systems connecting each to the historic City core. Additionally, Hanoi is situated in one of the richest and fertile areas in the world. The team suggested a strategy for preserving more than 40 percent of the area for natural preserves, recreational space and agricultural uses while positioning Hanoi as a model for responsible, sustainably driven urban development.

The Perkins Eastman/Posco/Jina team was selected after presentations by the three finalists. Perkins Eastman Chairman Bradford Perkins, who delivered the final presentation on behalf of the team noted, “The opportunity to help shape the future of one of the world’s important capitals is a dream come true for any planning and design team.”

The Perkins Eastman/Posco E&C/Jina Architects Co., Ltd. team has been working together in Vietnam for two years prior to the award. In 2007 the team completed a master plan for part of Hatoy Province near Hanoi. This province was recently annexed into the expanded Capital District.

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