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Architects have a general tendency to forget about color and focus on monochromatic compositions. When judiciously utilized, the integration of a polychromatic palette can become a powerful tool that helps define the identity of the project.

Nowhere is it more relevant than in buildings dedicated to children, such as this featured school, since it helps them, finding themselves within spaces that they usually find overwhelming.

Jubilee_school_02Located in Brixton, within the southern suburbs of London, this is a Primary school for 420 children that also contains a Special Educational needs school (SEN) for the profoundly deaf and a nursery with a Sure Start crèche.
Jubilee_school_07It integrates measures for energy efficiency and adheres to the principles of sustainable design. They use natural ventilation via wind chimneys, natural lighting and an insulation material made from recycled newspaper. Roof gardens were integrated to the design. Bright colors prevail – especially blue glazed ground floor bricks.

Project Details:
Jubilee School
Client: Lambeth Education
Completion: 2003
Contract value: £4.5m

RIBA Award for Architecture 2003
AIA Award 2004
RSA Art for Architecture Award 2000

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