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Friday, 14 December 2007 23:40

mossbrook_01.jpg CLASSROOM OF THE FUTURE.

The new classroom at Mossbrook in South Yorkshire, England, is a science teaching space designed for learning about the natural environment through direct interaction with it.

The school teaches the National Curriculum. For children with learning difficulties this is done in a demonstrative and experiential way, but the approach is relevant to all children and the new classroom is a resource for pupils from schools throughout the Sheffield area.


Mossbrook_03.jpgFunded by the Department for Education and Skills, Mossbrook School's Classroom of the Future is one of four projects in the Sheffield area addressing the theme of technology in the 21st century classroom. The building, a prototype for the future of classroom design, is for a special primary school teaching mainly autistic children, situated in Sheffield’s green belt. The brief was developed in close collaboration with the client and users and the scheme provides a new science classroom.

The Architecture's scheme makes the building a tactile, sensual and interactive environment in its own right. Overlooking a pond, which the school has developed as a nature conservation area, the building is a simple shed, which refers to the former farm buildings that once stood on the site. The classroom is naturally lit and large walk-in closets provide storage space for all the equipment required in demonstrating scientific phenomena. The innovative structure consists of prefabricated plywood portals efficiently shaped to minimize board wastage. The building is clad in layers of three different materials: timber, translucent polycarbonate sheeting and embossed corrugated galvanized steel.

The Architect worked with artist Susan Collins to develop for the Classroom of the Future, new ways of using high technology to allow children to interact more fully with their environment. For example, external web cameras allow the children inside the classroom to observe the wildlife outside.

mossbrook_02.jpgProject Details:

Mossbrook Special School, (Classroom of the Future ) Bochum Parkway, Norton, Sheffield, England.

Architecture : Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, 10 Stock Orchard Street, London N7 9RW

Awards 2005
• RIBA Award
• RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Award – Best Education Building
• RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Award – Client of the Year

RIBA Special Architecture Awards 2005
• Runner-up – Stephen Lawrence Prize for Best Small Building
• Short-listed – RIBA Access Award for Inclusive Design
• Short listed – RIBA Client of the Year Award

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