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Thursday, 14 January 2010 09:23

The project is a kindergarten by Slovenian Architects Ofis Arhitekti., with a  proposed layout  in the form of a four-leaf clover. Each leaf will comprise one department with its associated facilities.
The entrance leads to the central area, hosting or leading to the common areas, that are positioned and distributed on three floors: ground floor with the main entrance and outdoor central common play area/playgrounds for additional activities, first floor with administration/offices and underground level with kitchen, services and technical areas.

Ofis_clover010Ofis_clover011The appearance of a kindergarten through its shape creates distinguishing yet integrated landmark in the middle of a meadow. Each leaf creates its own green bay which functions as intimate atrium for each children department.

As such all surrounded landscape is designed as green playground platforms and small meadows. It is located on eastern and southern sunny part of the plot that offers sunlight through all day. Each playroom is connected with external playgrounds through covered wooden terrace.Ofis_clover002
Ofis_clover004Bay play-gardens merge in between departments and create “a green effect” atmosphere inside the interior. The design of the garden with islands of green hills in a symbolic way summarizes the characteristics of the local countryside.

Playrooms are oriented towards the south and have canopies and interior shades. All rooms are naturally ventilated; lateral orientation of departments allows good air ventilation. The spaces are concentrated, therefore energy losses are small, as well as material consumption during construction and maintenance. Ofis_clover007
Ofis_clover009Lobby is combined with changing locks, additional playrooms are multipurpose areas.

The material, structure and cladding are local and natural. The structure of the building is simple and economical; reinforced concrete cores with brick and wooden fillings. Finalization is mostly natural wood and paint on natural grounds.

Selected material and design will allow a pleasant stay. Edited and rainwater tanks will be able to recycle hot water. The surface of the roof allows the installation of photovoltaic cells. 

Project data and credits:
Location: Ribnica, Slovenia
Type: Kindergarten
Client: Community of Ribnica
External Landscape: 11.500m2
Playgrounds: 7.800m2
Net interior space: 3039m2
Exterior Finish: exposed concrete slabs, larch wood tiles, glass

Project team:
Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik
Andrej Gregoric, Janez Martincic, Janja del Linz, Katja Aljaz

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