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ZHA_EGA-01ZHA_EGA-04Middle Schools
The middle schools pupils enter directly into each of the two schools from their respective 1st floor terraces. There is no requirement for the middle school pupils to use any of the main stairs (except in an escape condition) thus avoiding interaction with the other schools. Each middle school is spread over 2 floors connected internally by a single central stair. The 2nd floor shared facilities are accessed from the upper level of the middle schools. The ground floor shared facilities are accessed through the external landscape.
ZHA_EGA-05ZHA_EGA-06Upper Schools
The two uppers schools are accessed separately via the end stair cores to the third floor level. Upper School 2 is accessed from its own 1st floor terrace. Upper School 1 is accessed from the southwest corner of the site at ground level. Glazing into the stairs has been maximised for surveillance. The 2nd floor shared facilities can be accessed via the central stair core. The ground floor facilities can be accessed via the most expedient of the three cores. For flexibility of access options, the central core could be used as access for some of the upper school students via the main reception subject to management preference.
ZHA_EGA-09ZHA_EGA-08Visitors and staff
Visitors will enter at the main reception and can access any of the schools from the central core.
Staff can choose how they wish to enter subject to management preference.

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