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Monday, 18 August 2008 03:37

This colorful project regroups the two animal refuges in Amsterdam creating the largest pound in the Netherlands. animal_refuge_centre01.jpg

The plot is on fringes of the city.  Shaped like a wedge, it was apparently impossible to fit the functions of the animal shelter.

All photographs are courtesy of Luuk Kramer

The “comb model” usual for this function consists of a long service corridor, with a repetition of kennels positioned perpendicular to the corridor and separated by small outside spaces. Railings prevail and dominate the perceptual experience going through such a model rendering an appearance reminiscent of incarceration facilities.
animal_refuge_centre_04.jpganimal_refuge_centre_03.jpg The architects converged the service corridor and the kennel corridor; resulting with a long, thin ribbon building, that unfolds along the waterway and around the plot. Inside the designed perimeter, the architects created two large play spaces for the animals.

The central position of the entrance lobby enhances the final form of the project as a fluid object. The external envelope is intended as a “pixilated” rendition of the surrounding greenery. The introversion of the building reduces the excessive noise levels emanating to the outside. On the higher part of the building, the accommodations allocated for the cats are located above the dogs kennels and provide an extra sound buffer for the outside world.
We don’t usually look at buildings hosting the modest functions for architectural prowess. We do so, however on rare occasions. Arons en Gelauff Architecten has succeeded, despite the challenges posed by the shape of the site, in transforming this animal shelter into an an attractive and memorable building.
Project Credits:

Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam
Address: Ookmeerweg 271 - 1067 SP Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Completion: fall 2007
Client: Project Management Bureau Amsterdam, Stichting Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam
Architects: Floor Arons and Arnoud Gelauff, arons en gelauff architecten
Landscape architect: DRO Amsterdam, Ruwan Aluvihare
Architectural team: Adrie Laan, Rianne Kreijne, Joost van Bergen, Miren Aramburu, Mariska, Koster, Claudia Temperilli, Oliver Rasche
Project management:
arons en gelauff architecten
Contractor: BAM, Amsterdam
Architectural engineer: Van Rossum, Amsterdam
Building physics: DGMR, Arnhem
Installation engineer: W+R installaties, Utrecht
Landscape implementation: Rod'or Advies, de Meern

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