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While developping their concept for the project, the architects felt the need to overcome two challenges. First, the building had impact its environment. As they expressed it : “capable of making the city”. The project should acheive this through its strong identity as well as newly generated public spaces. Second, building had to integrate within its environment, weaving a visual relationship with the city and the new park from the inside looking out and from the outside peaking in.  "A building creating the city, and at the same time makes us a part of it as we inhabit it."

Carme_pinos_Caixa_03The architects started by raising the exhibition halls in order to free the ground floor. This lead to the creation of more open and transparent areas, where they placed the lobby and the shop. The intention was to generate public space, taking the park towards the city and through the building; a space that will be lit at night with drawings being seen through the perforations of the metal sheet façade.

The garden is placed, semi-buried, underneath the raised exhibition hall. It garden can be perceived as a lobby and exterior catering zone for the auditorium. It connects directly to the city despite being positioned below grade.
Two suspended halls were implemented facing each other and located on different levels. The space created between the two halls host the vertical circulation and allow for distant views, bringing the city inside the building and provides the visitor with a visual break between exhibitions.

The cafeteria and restaurant were placed at the top of the building with views to the city and the new urban park. The level difference between halls, led to a terraced bar that gets magnificent views towards the Ranillas Meander and the Expo Zaragoza
Carme_pinos_Caixa_05The Project appears as a sculptural element in the middle of the park. The architects wanted his building to be as generous as the cultural content that it hosts, or as they put it « to be the reflection of these times’ best.

Carme_pinos_Caixa_01Project Details and Credits:

Name of Project: Caixaforum

Location: Zaragoza

Client: Obra Social “La Caixa”

Estimated construction period: 2010 - 2012

Built Area: 6.300 m2

Budget: 11.000.000 €

Principal architect: Carme Pinós Desplat

Architects: Samuel Arriola (project director), Elsa Martí, Alberto Feijoo

Structure: Robert Brufau i Associats

Electrical, plumbing: INDUS
Model: Miquel Lluch

Computer graphics: Daniel Cano

Illustrations: Estudio Carme Pinós

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