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JMAYERH_DanfossUniverse_09The project consists of an extension of Danfoss Universe Science Park. Danfoss Universe is a science park in Denmark, embedded in the agricultural landscape of Nordborg next to the founder’s home and the Danfoss HQ. It opened in May 2005 and has been expanding due to its considerable success.

JMAYERH_DanfossUniverse_05JMAYERH_DanfossUniverse_02The masterplan for Danfoss Universe Phase 2 includes an exhibition building (Curiosity.Center) and a restaurant (Food.Factory) which extends the summer based outdoor park into the winter months by enclosing spaces for exhibitions and scientific experiments.


Section through the 'Curiosity.Center' building

The new buildings rise up from the ground and provide spaces, which articulate the fusion of outdoor landscape and indoor exhibition. This active ground modulates according to program and location in the park. The endpoints of the buildings blur the line between building and park by offering inside-out spaces as display areas and projection surfaces related to the temporary exhibitions inside. Silhouettes, as groups of land formations, define the unique newly programmed horizon line of Danfoss Universe.JMAYERH_DanfossUniverse_08


JMAYERH_DanfossUniverse_21Project Credits and Data

Project Name: Danfoss Universe
Location: Nordborg, Denmark
Client: Danfoss Universe, Nordborg, Denmark
Architecture: J. MAYER H. Architects
Project Team: Juergen Mayer H., Marcus Blum, Thorsten Blatter, Andre Santer, Alessandra Raponi
Architect on Site: Hallen & Nordby
Technical consultants: Carl Bro

Buildings: Curiosity Center and Cafeteria
Building area: Cafeteria. 500 qm, Curiosity Center: 1200 qm
Number of floors: Cafeteria: 1, Curiosity Center: 2
Size of the buildings (Length/Heights/Width): Cafeteria 46/10/11m, Curiosity Center 72/17,5/16m
Completion: May 2007
Photographer: J. MAYER H.
Cost: 3 Million Euro

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