Marlene Imirzian & Associates - Broadway Heritage Resource Center in Phoenix, AZ Print
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 05:59

The Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC) is an outpost for city services in an area that has historically been a liability to the community, impacted by age, neglect and high crime.

Broadway_Heritage_Resource_Center_02The team had to design and construct a facility that is modest in scale and budget but creates a strong presence to anchor future redevelopment at a major intersection. 

Broadway_Heritage_Resource_Center_05Broadway_Heritage_Resource_Center_08In recognition of the desert climate the Neighborhood Resource Center is a courtyard building oriented in the east-west axis. The Architecture language is borrowed from the many nearby industrial sheds, with a palette of metal siding and standard block; simple shed forms are extruded along and peeled away from block boxes. 

Abundant glazing along the street façade, entries & community rooms permits the building to act as a “pair of eyes” on the community as well as allowing the community to view the activities inside.

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