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Sunday, 15 November 2009 10:01

The Vitória Bay project is intended to help the region to evolve from its current state of inertia and initiate the dynamics that lead to the creation of a new identity and a new reference point for its citizens.
vix4The Agenda 21 for Vitória is a city development strategy that foresees major changes in the infrastructure and a reformation of the waterfront. Apart from opening itself towards marine cruises and leisure tourism, there will also be an event center for multiple uses such as sports and cultural events, a marina for public use, shipyards and so on. This will obviously draw attention to the area even beyond the city limits. Tourism and events will attract new enterprises, create jobs and in the long run improve the Capixaba lifestyle.


General plan of the development

An important factor in this agenda needs to be the renewal of the sewer system, as in the bay area the uncoordinated discharge of waste water, oil from boats and even solid trash into the bay leads to major pollution in the port area.

The project provides a modern state of the art solution for the installation of a sanitation and treatment system. At the same time it will meet the demands of tourism and leisure as well as provide the needed improvements for the city.
vix1General_sectionseccionThe area chosen for the project reaches from Fumaça Island and the Saldanha Da Gama Club curve, until the Urubu islands and the Tendas. There will be a land fill necessary of approximate 140.000m2, that will lodge a public park, a sewer treatment station, a public marina, a tower with diverse uses. The land fill will not conflict in any way with the boat traffic in the bay, but integrate it into its landscape scenery. The renewal will become a symbol for the city of Vitória.

All these changes will lead to a gentrification process in the entire zone and will attract bars, restaurants and an atmosphere that easily blends a city’s nightlife with the increasing amount of tourism and leisure activities.

The symbolic center – the tower in the park – will host an auditorium, a hotel, residences, stores, cinemas and show houses. It will connect the city’s demands while meeting the expectations brought in from the touristic sector.
vix3A simple and strong shape that will rise to be a new landmark for the city and at the same time integrate itself with the existing landscape. These are the goals which the design aimed to meet with its unique core structure. The skin wrapped around the core will be of such nature that invites vegetation to grow onto the skin and embrace the tower. This synergy between building and nature will also display itself in the many aspects of sustainable building, such as water recycling, natural ventilation and energy consumption below the city’s average.
vix2Project description and details:


Site: Vitória, Brazil
Project date: 2008
Area Master Plan: 100.000 M2
Budget: 100.000.000 Euros
Client: City of Vitória
Architects: WMA - Willy Müller Architects (in collaboration with: MRB ENGENHARIA) Willy Müller, principal architect, Fred Guillaud, associate architect. Architects: Bruno Louzada, Aline Mello, Mario Perez Botero, Sabine Bruinink, Christian Kreifelts, Fransisco Villeda.

Collaborators: Gijs Verhoofstad.

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