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The project is located in Split , the second-largest urban centre in Croatia. Close surrounding and historical site of Firule area, the site's location is within Split’s most enjoyable  living, working and recreational environments.

Placed near an existing hospital complex on Firule, and close to the sea and fresh air gives it even more importance and value.


The typology of the project dictate a strict program based on functional guidelines. It requires a pragmatic approach to design and a respect of the developers spatial program and complex technical requirements. It was necessary to develop acquired functions vertically in order to place all the services, diagnostics, practices and laboratories as requested.

All public spaces are located in basement, ground and first floors, patient clinic and administration on the upper floors and garage in underground.

The main visual element of the building is the facade envelope, made of horizontal bands. It covers the project like the bandages are protecting the patient. The ‘Brise Soleils’ protect from the sun, while giving privacy to the more private areas of the clinics, it opens up and reveal the more public parts of the building. It is also used as a classic sunshade (sun shutter).

Atriums/loggias are segments of that semi public areas placed throughout all floors and displayed on the outside. They are used as organizing elements that connect the different spaces of the polyclinic, and replace the traditional introverted hospital corridors. They provide a relaxing zone filled with Mediterranean greenery, wooden terraces with view to the sea and surrounding islands. In the atriums, patients, staff and visitors can take a break, smell some fresh sea air and take a walk (even in the pyjamas).

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