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The project is located within roughly 20 acres of generally flat agricultural land bound by a railroad to the southeast, a major roadway to the south west and similar farmland on the remaining sides. There are no significant geographical or other manmade features on or near the site.

The Venice-Mestre Hospital is a general care hospital with 680 patient care beds. It also boasts an emergency care center and advanced surgical facilities. It is the result of a turnkey competition awarded to Astaldi, one of Italy’s two largest developers. This scheme won over a more conventional design because it was understood that a hospital should be conceived as part of the healing process.


Photographer: Enrico Cano


Site plan

Ambasz_Ospedale_dell_Angelo_14Ambasz_Ospedale_dell_Angelo_19This complex of buildings is united by abundant gardens offering pleasant vistas to the patients. Patients' rooms are arranged so that every patient has direct views to plants and trees in front of his windows as well as long perspectives onto the surrounding fields. Patients at this hospital see greenery instead of other patients through their windows.

Emilio Ambasz rendered the overall design flexible enough to adapt to future care so as full care needs are reduced by advances in healthcare technology, the present 680 beds may someday be reduced to 300 as day patient care is expanded displacing private rooms.

Visitors arriving by car or train enter the hospital on a gently sloping green ramp under which all cars are parked. Visitors then enter directly into the Grand Lobby, which doubles as reception hall for day patients. It also holds various public facilities for visitors like shops and cafes.

As the building floors shift to one side as it rises, garden terraces are created. This stepped side of the building offers each patient room a private garden. On the other side a multi-story atrium is created by the over hangs of floors. Here, above the Grand Lobby patients rooms face onto the atrium is nicely landscaped, filled with plants like in a huge greenhouse.

Ambasz_Ospedale_dell_Angelo_20Ambasz_Ospedale_dell_Angelo_22Across the street from the Ospedale dell’Angelo, stands the recently inaugurated Banca dell’Occhio that we featured here on Archinnovations.com back in November. Banca dell’Occhio is an ophthalmological research laboratory, also designed by Emilio Ambasz, who has been for the last thirty years dedicated to eye transplants and is now, in addition, engaged in steminal cell research leading to the successful “breeding” of new eyes.
Ambasz_Ospedale_dell_Angelo_12Ambasz_Ospedale_dell_Angelo_02Project details and credits:

Project Name: Venice-Mestre Hospital baptized Ospedale dell’Angelo
Location: Mestre-Venice, Italy
Site Characteristics: Flat, rectangular-shaped site located near the entrance to a new local railroad extension, and major roadway.
Program: Advanced 680 Bed Clinical Hospital, offering all general hospital services, plus a Proton Beam Therapy and Treatment Centre
Construction Systems: Cast concrete frame, glass curtain wall, cladding, winter garden planting, and intelligent windows
Client: Regione Veneto
Cost:Euros 500,000,000

Project Architect: Emilio Ambasz, Hon. FAIA
Architect of Record: Studio Altieri-Alberto Altieri
Collaborators: Lucas Fornari, Luca Cerutti, Giulio Altieri, Valentina Altieri, Alessandro Melotto, Francesco Viero, Chiara Urso, Giulia Andreotti, Peter Norris, and Bradley Whitermore
Photographer: Enrico Cano









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