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Sunday, 27 September 2009 05:48

The 159-room, 14-story hotel is sited in quartier dix30 of Brossard, a recently developed commercial, cultural and corporate quarter located in the southern suburbs of Montreal.


For the architect, the project represented an interesting architectural challenge, building in a limited area of the site and complying with the client’s desire to produce a design with efficient use of space and rich spatial experience.

The external enclosure of the building is simple, but refined. The architects opted for prefabricated concrete panels for the exterior cladding.

Two large openings puncture the front and back facades, inserting two suspended gardens that introduce generous dose of lighting inside the building, while providing to the visitors large views over the nearby Monteregian Hills.



alt_09The internal spaces are infused with modernist accents, like the exposed concrete structure, the geometrically defined furniture, and partitions that emphasize vertical and horizontal lines. Natural light is supplied generously through large fenestration, particularly in the rooms.

Warm colored natural woods and plastic laminates are combined providing solidity and ease of maintenance. The public space is luminous and filled with stimulating colours and finishes. The lighting scheme was designed to enhance the communication between the ground and second floors.

Efforts were exhorted to lower the energy consumption, measures like the use of a geothermal heating and cooling system, a heat exchange and transfer through a heat wheel, the use of durable low consumption light sources and finally, the installation of high performance insulating window panes and walls.
All Photographs by Pierre Bélanger

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