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Thursday, 20 November 2008 05:44


To overcome the challenges of the crowded market, restaurants are required to go beyond their traditional culinary vocation.

A sensual experience should complement the serving of food and taken from that perspective, the design plays a major role. The success of the restaurant calls for an originality in a concept and its appeal to the customer.


Photographs courtesy of John Horner Photography

For the casual settings of this restaurant, 3six0 produced a strong design that helps in defining the place.  They brought a sense of unity through a continuous band that coils the space. On its way, the band folds up, out, and over, as wood wall panel, table, floor, ceiling and bar.

The experience is continuous from front to back, bar to restaurant and table to table. The bourbon toned wood, raw steel, and cork present a simple unplugged elegance that is taut like a barrel.

Tables fold up into the wall, enabling the space to transform into a cocktail party space, inspired by the food on a stick concept for the restaurant.


2008 Record Interior - Architectural Record Magazine

2007 Merit Award - AIA RI

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