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Monday, 11 April 2011 07:30

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Tote is located in Mumbai, India and designed by Serie Architects. When designing the lighting for Tote, AWA Lighting Designers had numerous discussions with the architects, looking for ideas that would let the lighting design complement the architecture.  The original inspiration came in the form of an image of daylight filtering through dense foliage.

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Once the vision was clear AWA carried it through the entire process, refining and tweaking as the design. Tote is one of Mumbai's hottest new restaurant/ bar/banquet hall destinations. In the banqueting and indoor restaurant areas, white metal pillars mimic tree branches.

The lighting strategy in this space was to use architectural pockets of light to suggest light piercing through the foliage of the "trees" into the space. The bar area's lighting design uses the double height space to highlight the faceted wood panel walls with shafts of daylight.




More on AWA Lighting designers on their web site.


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