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Friday, 01 May 2009 02:30


Built over an existing construction, the new project has preserved in part the original metal structure of the first project. The current structure is larger and has absorbed the original garden of the first project.

Italian architect Giovanni D'Ambrosio wanted to offer the visitors a space bursting with originality, something that would be unusual for a restaurant. The interior projects a feeling of being in ‘an urban tropical forest’ with metallic tubes laid out in a way that reproduces the complex organic distribution of tubular stems of bamboo.



Lush bougainvilleas form a huge 200 square meters enclosure that acts as a separation screen between outside and inside, allowing a natural ventilation to the inner space and avoiding monsoon rains from penetrating inside the restaurant.

The sun gets inside the space and fractures its rectangular shape through a dynamic distribution of light and shadows, greatly enhanced by the internal plants and the metal stems.


As the architects explained: “In this kind of project the evening atmosphere is given by “breathing effect”. The place is always lit from two sources; one being pervasive, the other is punctual.

The two lights alternate through a slow timer dimmer and project the customer in two different atmospheres: the first is private and punctual, the second is characterized by a pervasive light. This is like a breath.”

Designed like a forest, the project is meant as a tribute Nature, an expression of nature’s potential forces. The organic design enfolds people casting its unique atmosphere within the restaurant.


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