ONG&ONG - Hotel Quincy in Singapore Print
Monday, 14 December 2009 07:38

Hotel Quincy, located in Singapore, was envisaged as a one-of-a kind boutique hotel encompassing all the design aspects from architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, project management and graphic design. This building shows the process of how one design concept is implemented through all design elements, providing consistency in creativity and design.

Each space produced by Ong&Ong is unique, each an individual configuration, providing a different experience. The aim of the design was to create a distinctive, sustainable and timeless space that go beyond the existing boutique hotels. The main concept was to create rooms from different variations and permutations of exterior glass and steel cladding. These rooms were then randomly stacked forming a unique one-of-a-kind exterior façade.

Ong_Ong_quincy_06Ong_Ong_quincy_07Playing on themes such as glamour, luxury and sophistication, Ong&Ong incorporated modern design elements and the latest amenities. From steel claddings to exotic rich suede and custom glasswork, only the finest materials are used to create this stunning masterpiece.
Interior design is whimsical, with playful characteristics woven into every unexpected nook and corner. Bold, acid colours are selected for the ultra-modern furniture to contrast against the muted undertones backdrop of the off-white walls and grey raw look of cement stones. The landscape philosophy is sensitive to the contemporary building design and maintains a modern and reflective quality to the surrounding space appropriate to a boutique hotel.
Ong_Ong_quincy_13Ong_Ong_quincy_14Ong&Ong crafted a meticulous pattern and of material and texture throughout the project. The perforated arrangement of the cement stones as a lobby centerpiece is spray-painted with two finishes - glossy and matte, to create a 3-D façade.
Ong_Ong_quincy_09Ong_Ong_quincy_08The flooring created with the raw look of cement stones exudes an industrialized yet modern presence in the hotel lobby as well as in the lobby bathrooms. Custom-made frosted glass is applied generously throughout the building in order to create an airy space and a polished look. The pool located on the 14th floor has almost a 3600 view of the city centre. It extends out from the building and gives the impression of an infinity pool.
Ong_Ong_quincy_11Indigenous products in a modern application, such as dark grey steel detailing, granite stonework lit by fanciful light fixtures, demonstrate the fusion of old and new.

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