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Wednesday, 04 August 2010 07:06

b_Falck_entryAnother attractive residence from Seattle based Adams Mohler Ghillino Architects, Livability on a tight urban lot is enhanced through creative, efficient and flexible use of space. The shed-roofed upper floor of the main house rests above an open ground floor living space while a detached accessory structure serves as garage, office, playspace or guest quarters.

The full length of the site was designed as an alternating series of indoor and outdoor rooms with a continuous cedar clad wall visually connecting the spaces. The relationship between inside and out is blurred through the use of slide/fold doors that open the full width of the living space to the exterior at both ends. With the doors open, the living room becomes a porch to the street allowing the owners to interact with neighbors and passersby while the dining room extends to a private terrace and garden.

a_Falck_openc_Falck_extopend_Falck_extclosedSheer curtains and opaque shades provide the desired level of privacy. Tall ceilings and north facing clerestories provide the upper floor rooms a sense of space that belies their modest dimensions.
g_Falck_livopenh_Falck_liveastForm, scale, material and color allow this decidedly modern residence to be at home among its traditional Queen Anne neighbors. The shed roof provides a transition in scale between the adjacent multi-family and single-family structures. Generous roof overhangs, openings, bevel siding and a muted color palette allow the house to be both of its time and of its place.
m_Falck_kitcheni_Falck_officej_Falck_bedThe new house is built upon the foundation of the previously existing one, which was hand-deconstructed for material re-use. Domestic hot water is provided by evacuated tube solar collectors on the south sloping roof while a high-efficiency, in-floor radiant system provides warmth. The house is prewired for a future 4KW solar electrical system. Major materials include painted cement fiber plank siding, t&g tight knot cedar feature wall, plywood soffits, black anodized aluminum windows and Zincalume sheet metal roofing.

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