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Friday, 07 March 2008 04:45

A_07.jpg Brio54 have developed a series of prefabricated houses that are both attractive and affordable. Going for a modern look, the designers focused on the functionality of these homes and the daily requirements of today’s families.

Along with design, functionality and affordability, Brio54’s designs are environmentally friendly with a special focus on the conservation of natural resources and the creation of a non-toxic healthy living environment.

A_01.jpgA_08.jpg The first prototype is a single-family 4-bedroom home designed for 1 to 2 acre down-sloping suburban lots with a min. building envelope of 42 x 72 feet.

It uses beautiful material such as natural wood and stone flooring, stainless steel appliances, flush door casings and baseboards, 3Form countertops, recessed lighting.

A_06.jpg For comfort and security, the designer added centralized control systems for temperature, moisture and ventilation as well as large fenestration to allow the natural light to go inside the house

To reduce consumption they implemented dual flush WC; on demand water heating, energy star rated HVAC and appliances, insulated concrete forms (ICF's), prefabricated advanced wood framing as well as passive solar energy design.



The second prototype, H2 Home is a single-family 3-bedroom home designed for urban infill lots with a min. building envelope of 16 x 56 feet. It uses similar materials as the first prototype, and the same features of comfort, security and conservation have been implemented.



The third prototype is a conversion of outdated 1960's 3 bedroom, 52 x 28 feet high ranch models into 4 bedroom homes with a spacious master suite and modern amenities.

While the material covering the exterior is different from the other two prototypes, the standards of the health, comfort and security stay the same.



 Brio54’s proposed prototypes provide attractive designs with all the requirements of a modern home within an affordable economic price. You can read more about the company on their web site


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