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Friday, 05 September 2008 02:18

Located on the top of a hill, southwest of Madrid, with splendid views to the mountains in the north, the design of this residence is essentially a derivative of its site and its surroundings.
The architect needed a platform as a base to settle his project. A large concrete box was built as a podium on which a transparent glass box was placed, delicately covered with a light and simple structure of white-painted steel.

04.jpgThe concrete box, rooted into the earth, provides a housing program with a clear scheme: the service strip is in back and the served areas are in front. Inside, square holes are opened that frame the landscape so that it seems to move away.

The glass box on top of the platform is a lookout-point to which one climbs from within the house.  Inside, the landscape is underlined so that it seems to move closer as you look.

The glass box, without carpentry under the metal structure, extends almost to the edge of the northern facade and is set in the southern facade to be in the shade.  Below, the cave becomes space for refuge.  Above, the cabin, the urn, is space for contemplating nature.  The double symmetry composition of the supports contributes in giving the house a still and serene character.02.jpg
Composed from simple geometric forms, the house is an abstracted translation of the traditional composition, with the light dynamic box over the solid static pedestal. Getting rid of the superfluous helped the architect in developing a design that distills the most essential in architecture and following the valued modern principle that “less is more.

Photographs courtesy of Alberto Piovano and the Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza

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