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The architects organized this introverted residence around an open courtyard, the core of which is inhabited by a body of water, intended as a central element that connects, either physically or visually, the different areas of the house.

A peripheral wall that encompasses the residence defines the shape of the project. While enclosing the open court, it opens up westwards towards the neighboring thicket. This ‘compact skin’ provides the desired privacy for the house while the southwest opening brings in desirable natural elements, such as the southern sun and the western air.





To reinforce the relationship of the house with its surroundings, the opening, along with selective
punctuations through the enclosure bring the landscape in while letting the water; framed nevertheless by the swimming pool, out.
Armon_Choros_Chalkidos_03Armon_Choros_Chalkidos_05The internal spaces have a neutral, mostly monochromatic, finish that helps emphasize the attributes of the owners’ art collection. On the ground floor, the living room was designed with large openings that take advantage of the view towards the thicket. The internal circulation on this floor produces a nice interplay, separating and unifying the inside with the outside. It recedes on the upper floor, leaving the private areas, visually connecting with the internal courtyard. Armon_Choros_Chalkidos_06

Project details and credits:

Architects: Eleftheria Serghidou, Vasilis Pashiourtides.

Structural Engineering:
Nicos Kalathas, George Demetriades
Mech. Engineering: Giannos Zempylas.

Photographer by Christos Papantoniou

Completed in 2007
Construction cost: € 500.000.00

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