Arthur Casas Architect - Jardim Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil Print
Monday, 11 May 2009 06:39


With a clean crisp modern language, Arthur Casas produced this residence in Jardim Paulista, São Paulo.

The architect valued the existing vegetation, and conceived the house in a way that preserves all the trees. The house was constructed in two lots. One of them was left almost intact, because there was some Atlantic Jungle species still survinving,  this area has become one of the most valuable regions of the city.



This approach created a welcomed illusion that the house was embedded in nature. All the spaces within the house easily merge together by opening the sliding doors that become hidden inside the walls.  They are turned towards the valuable little urban oasis, where the only interference was the swimming poo
casas_iporanga_02.jpgCASAS_Iporanga_11.jpgWith its generous fenestration, opened spaces, and the close contact with the existing vegetation, and the use of natural wood, and neutral colors, this house provides its visitors a feeling of serenity.

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