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Thursday, 07 October 2010 04:53

She-Oak-04Aptly named by its Architect as the "beach shack", this 3875.01 ft2 black box sits within the Casuarina estate on a beach front lot.

The original brief was to develop a house that was informal, casual, comfortable and welcoming and importantly have a space for the client’s quiver of long boards. Surrounded by an eclectic array of houses it became apparent early in the design stage the importance of the surrounds, the environment and the conditions that the house would be subjected to such as wind, salt and sun.

The use of galvanised steel and stained ecoply promotes rawness to the skin that will age gracefully rather than deteriorate like most paint type finishes, whilst on the inside the material palette is refined yet hard wearing in the form of polished concrete.

From the initial sighting of the house the viewer can make a casual journey to the double height entry with grass underfoot and natural landscape.

The entry consists of a semi indoor/outdoor space constructed of clear weatherboards that is able to be hosed out through the decking boards to discard unwanted sand and salt. It is this same space that is entered from a visit to the beach where the wetsuit can be abandoned into the concealed laundry and the surfboards can be 'racked'.
Once within this entry, large timber clad sliding doors can be opened and pushed out to open into the house proper. On ground level a simple program of living spaces that open up to a courtyard off one side and a main outdoor room to the rear of the property that overlooks the pool and dunes. Upstairs consists of simple bedroom and bathroom facilities that interact with the ground level and entry via a series of voids and openings. The structural system employed was concise considering the constraints yet an understanding of the concept made the design process flow easily.

Northern Elevation

Southern Elevation

Finishing material includes CFC panel cladding, battened textured plywood, flat zincalume panels, linear weatherboard cladding, hardwood timber cladding, translucent sheeting, timber battens.

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