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The concept for the house is a charred box that protrudes horizontally like fallen lumber, complemented by sandstone rockwork and steel supports. Its concrete pool also reflects the charred timber theme in its internal finish.
base-stonehawk-05The cladding and structure employ the organic and raw materials in the natural surroundings: rough-sawn stained plywood, galvanized steel, and combinations of horizontal and vertical sections mimic the forms of the trees.

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Although it appears to be a 3-story house from the street, 90 percent of the program happens on the top level, which is level with natural ground due to the slope of the site.

Uniting exterior and interior, the house opens up to nature with counter-balanced glazing systems and external sliding glass walls.





Private entry to the first level off the carport (which also includes a workshop and secure storage, leading to the foyer where visitors are greeted) and visitors can access the house’s entrance via external stairs.

The foyer space leads to the parents’ suite on the same level (bedroom with balcony, bathroom, office) or, alternatively, up to the central, pavilion-like space of the house.

Off of the central space is a stair to the children’s suite (two bedrooms and a play room), the kitchen/dining (both indoor and outdoor)/living area, the pool, and another hall leading to a guest room, bathroom, and laundry facilities.

Project details:
Location: Lot 16 Stonehawk Place, Brisbane, Queensland (Australia)

Size: 3121.53 ft2

Materials: Australian spotted gum, a renewable native timber surrounding the house, was used for interior flooring, joinery and windows/doors

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