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The design of this 1200 sq. ft. residence for a Writer was a study in adaptability and re-use.

The client was looking to simplify her life and downsize from an earlier house, also done by Bates Masi + Architects.

The new house would be built just west of her existing house on the adjacent property. She voiced the desire for her new house to be functional, light, informal, simple and maintain a view of a large moss covered rock on the site.

SitePlanThe house was designed to be both spatially and economically efficient by coordinating the assembly of pre-manufactured components researched over the Internet. It is essentially one large room with ancillary spaces that feed off it.

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BM_Upsher_04BM_Upsher_05The structure is an adjustable cantilevering rack system used in lumberyards. It is comprised of standard steel sizes with an assortment of brackets and arms that can be specified for any type of load or application. Bolted connections secure the steel arms and brackets to the steel columns. From these appendages cabinetry is hung, a fireplace mantel is suspended and handrails are applied. They also support the mahogany bookshelves walkway around the perimeter of the library.
BM_Upsher_02BM_Upsher_03Prefabricated concrete foundation walls, formaldehyde free water-resistant fiber board, rough sawn okoume wood, aluminum windows, dyed concrete wall panels, pre-assembled wood screens, cabinets from IKEA and gabion retaining walls are the other elements that come together to form the house.
BM_Upsher_06BM_Upsher_07Nothing in the house is excessive. Only what is needed is what has been provided for. The house’s ability to be adapted and retrofitted, expanded or reduced allows for a multiplicity of uses and to do so without waste is implicit in the design.

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