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Wednesday, 26 March 2008 11:35


One of the hardest and most challenging tasks for an architect designing a house is to take an existing project and transforming it into a house that is geared towards a more contemporary lifestyle.

With Casa AV, BGP arquitectura has been able to achieve great results in the redesigning of a house from the 70’s of no significant architectural value and located in front of one of the most important avenues of Mexico City.

What is most impressive is the fact that, due to a retrained budget, the original structure was kept intact.


casa_av_cover.jpgcasa_av_09.jpg The architectural intervention covered a transformation of the external enclosure of the house as well as an in-depth renovation of the interior, completely redefining the internal functions and spatial organization according to the new requirements of the owner.

Analyzing the house and its existing site the Architect noticed the lack of important views to the city and surroundings. This led them to design a more introverted house that opens itself to gardens and courtyards. These external spaces function as an integral part of the house and complement in their purpose the internal spaces of the house. The use of moving water sound helps to neutralize the noise that emanate from the dense vehicular circulation on the avenue just outside.
As with other previously featured projects, BGP display a skillful composition of material and finishes. The ground floor use neutral colors and glass except for a couple of stonewalls crossing it, while running parallel to each other. Very private, the second level is totally solid except for some small openings and covered with white stucco.
Project data:

: AV House
Location: Mexico City
Architecture: bgp arquitectura
Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta with Luis Enrique Mendoza and Hugo Sánchez
Project team: Edson Castillo, Santiago de la Mora, Mayte Espinosa, Samael Barrios

Lot area: 650 m2
Surface area constructed: 641m2.
Contractor: Grupo V y G.
Photography: Rafael Gamo

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