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The project by BGP Arquitectura is located on a sloped site in the suburbs of the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, facing a fantastic view towards a beautiful green park as well as the city.

The house is built on two levels composed each of a rectangular volume and placed in perpendicular to each other.






The lower level hosts the private areas of the house as well as the main entrance and vestibule. It is placed across the site, dividing the lot to produce two open spaces. The open space on the higher side is converted into a private courtyard covered with white gravel, while the one on the lower side, facing the gorgeous view, is transformed into a garden, a terrace, as well as a swimming Pool.

GDL05.jpg The upper level of the house is dedicated to the public areas. Placed parallel to the street, it acts as a visual barrier, providing privacy to the rest of the house. A part of it floats over the lower terrace with an impressive 12 m. (36 ft) cantilever.

While the elevation along the street is covered with stone cladding and projects an image of solidity and sturdiness, the elevations facing south and west get a much lighter treatment with windows from floor to ceiling. They help the house to open up to the outside and make the most of the view towards the park.



The intersection of the two volumes generates a double-height vestibule topped with a skylight. A reflective pond that extends to the outside occupies part of this vestibule. The upper floor is an open space with fenestration on two sides. The dinning room has its floor made of glass, providing more transparency between the upper floor and the vestibule and strengthening the visual connection between the two floors as well as the fluidity of the space. Finally, the dinning room opens up into a beautiful roof garden, covered with a wooden floor.

Composing with primary shapes the Architect succeeds in his design to exploit the site and what it offered. While the architecture closes the house from the street, it opens it up towards the view,  generating intricate spaces that combine well to produce a smart design for an elegant house.GDL10.jpg

Project data:

GDL09.jpg Project: GDL1 house
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico.
Lot area: 780m2
Built area: 750m2.

Architecture: bgp arquitectura, Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta with Luis Enrique Mendoza.
Project team: Daniela Legorreta, Hector Barroso, JN Morones Esquivel, Carlos Coronel

Structure: Colinas de Buen Ingenieros, S.A.
Glass: Val y Val
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Prizes: Mexican Architectural Biennale, honorary mention / CEMEX prize, official selection/
Quito Biennale, official selection

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