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Saturday, 19 December 2009 12:00

Knowles_Coates_Design_01aFor the architectural remodeling of Knowles Residence, Coates Design opted for a profound lifestyle makeover. The aim of their design was to breath a new life into a mundane dwelling, transforming it into an architectural living space with soul and character.

“The existing house had no “heart” and no place to naturally congregate as a family or with friends. No one place in the house felt comfortable. We set out to remedy this with great momentum and ultimately, success.”


Photographs taken prior to the renovations

Knowles_Coates_Design_01The process towards the built product was a little bumpy, due to early budget restraints, and the poor conditions of the existing, commercially conceived, infrastructure. According to the architect, the Knowles family of five is an active, “picture perfect”, Northwestern family. They wanted a modern home with a strong implementation of sustainable design strategies.

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The architects directed their focus at the house frontage, completely rejuvenating the exterior and accentuating the entrance, as a protruding, mostly transparent volume, that invites the visitors to the inside. As displayed in the plan, Coates Design has enlarged the living room that has become the core of the house, integrating the entrance lobby, extending into the backyard, while visually connecting to the open kitchen and the newly built exercise room.

Because of their budget constraints, the Knowles wanted to focus their budget the sustainable design measures that yielded direct results. Some of the features and materials include: radiant-floor heating HVAC retrofit, zero VOC paints and sealers, high-efficiency induction cook-top, recycled glass tile, recycled rubber flooring, reconstituted concrete countertops, FSC certified eucalyptus flooring, high efficiency lighting design, drought tolerant landscaping, and “iron wood” plank decking.

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