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Side StoryDamilano Duilio + Fabio Atti - Maison de lumièreDamilano Duilio + Fabio Atti - Maison de lumière
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Damilano-BHouse-11The architect wanted the B-HOUSE in complete synergy with the surrounding landscape, an extroverted refuge without any secrets, he offering its dwellers an outstanding view to the Piemonte Mountains .

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Damilano-BHouse-13Damilano-BHouse-06The house progresses horizontally with a succession of spaces leading from the public Living room to the kitchen. The upper floor forms an articulated volume that projects on top of the Garage access and seems to be monitoring the entrance to the property.
Damilano-BHouse-01Damilano-BHouse-03The Northern portion of the house is dedicated to the more private areas, while the southern portion is more public and gets organized around the swimming pool. Most of the surfaces are smooth monochromatic except for carefully chosen wall in the living/dinning room area that bear stone clad and random spots of colourful furniture, both gestures intended as disturbances to the overall serenity of the space.
Damilano-BHouse-08Damilano-BHouse-12Damilano-BHouse-09The first floor is reserved for owners and hosts a large room, cabinets and a bathroom. 
The flat roof becomes a spacious terrace and suspended garden.

T o save energy, floor heating was installed. external walls are highly insulated and complemented by low emissivity glass (k <2). Hot water is produce with solar thermal vacuum tube “termomax”.
Project Details

Project name: B-HOUSE

Client: Private owner
Location: Cuneo, Italy
Completion: 2008

Project team: Studio Damilano
Architect: Arch. Damilano Duilio + Fabio Atti
Collaborators: Arch. Claudia Allinio + Arch. Elisa Peirone

Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna

Building Materials:
Exterior floor: Indian grey stone;
Interior floor: stone grey “fossena”;
Cladding interior wall: forest brown
Interior wood floor: teak

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