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Thursday, 01 October 2009 07:52

With his attention to the fine details, and a contant effort to produce a enjoyable living spaces, Italian architect Duilio Damilano has produced this modern house called ‘Maison De La Lumière’ and located in Bologna, Italy.


Maison1Maison16Light brings the house to life. Generous fenestration, made of Low emissivity glass, opens the house to its surrounding landscape and brings light deep inside the house. The living room plays a central role within the house. It is opened to upper-floor while being close to the swimmig pool. Modern furniture complements the architecture 

A path from the gate, into the garden and past the entrance leads into the living room, that forms the core of the house.
Maison13Maison2Maison2aWith its double-volume and its glazed roof, the living room is opened to different components of the house, the public spaces on the ground floor, the more private spaces on the upper floor as well as the outside landscaped garden and the swimming pool.

Project credits and details:

Project name: Maison de la Lumiere
Client: Private owner
Location: Bologna, Italy
Completion: 2008
Architect: Arch. Damilano Duilio + Fabio Atti
Collaborators: Arch. Claudia Allinio + Arch. Elisa Peirone
Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna
Building Materials:
Exterior floor: Indian stone 60x 40 cm;
Interior floor: stone “lime stone leonardo” 80 x40cm;
Cladding exterior: Indian mint stone
Cladding bathroom “ardesia ramata”
interior floor: wood doussiè
Exterior floor: ipe brasilian wood
Window formed by wood frame “emblock lamellare”


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